Outlook Is Not Sending Emails

E-Mails not sending and receiving are quite a common problem on Outlook. Many times you compose your email and click on send button but your email is stuck in the outbox only the person to whom you are sending the email has not received the email. Why my outlook account is not sending an email can be because of a number of reasons the simple answer to this problem is to make changes in your settings. Here are some of the reasons why you are not able to send emails on outlook.

When you receive an error message while sending your emails

Many times there is a communication problem between outlook and your outgoing email and your email remains in outbox this is because Outlook is not able to connect to your mail server to send it.

Here are some points you need to remember and check them-

  1. Check that your internet service provider does not block the port number that you are using for outgoing mail.
  2. make sure that your mail server settings are up to date many times mail server providers change the port number or authentication method which is used to send an email on outlook.
  3. Check your email address provider and make sure didn’t exceed the hourly/daily email send quota.
  4. If your internet connection is slow to make sure your outbox emails do not include very large attachments.

 When you don’t receive an error message while sending your emails

When only some of the emails are not sent by outlook make sure that your emails should be unread otherwise, an email which is not sent by an outlook remains in your outbox. check the outbox-

  1. The emails which are bold and italic are ready to send
  2. Emails  that are marked bold are only read
  3. Emails that are not marked bold and italic only those emails are read and edited. Outlook will send only those emails that are unread other emails will be stuck in the outbox only.

When the outlook is not sending any of your emails that are marked unread then the following points you need to keep in mind-

  1. Make sure that your  outlook account is not at the offline mode you can check it through send/receive ribbon (toolbar) button
  2. Check that your antivirus on your device that scans your outbox emails and doesn’t allowing send your emails. just disable your antivirus protection and then  sent your emails if the email sends then just check your antivirus and prevent it from scanning your outlook outbox emails.
  3. Make sure that your outlook data files are not corrupted just scan your file with the help of the Outlook Scan PST tool.

Ways to fix outlook not sending emails on outlook 2019-2016

  1. Move the emails stuck in the outbox to the draft folder.
  2. In the draft folder opens the email and clicks on the send button.
  3. Check that the email is sent or is still in the outbox folder.

Check your internet connection

 Make sure that your connection to the internet connection and working online on outlook.

  1. Have a look at the lower right corner of the outlook window if you disconnected working offline you are not connected to your email server
  2. Click on send/receive button on the ribbon
  3. In preference, the group clicks on work offline. Now you can see that you are connected to your email server.
  4. In send and receive group click on send and receive all folder button.
  5. Check that your email is sent or still in your outbox.


 If you receive an error message for a size file limit the size of your file Make sure that the, if any attachment send through email, should be no more than 20 megabytes for internet account  such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. for exchange files it should not be more than 10 Mb.


 If you have changed your password online, you need to change it on outlook as well otherwise, your emails will not be sent.

  1. Click on the file and select the account setting option.
  2. From the account, setting click on the email tab.
  3. Now choose your email account and click on the change button. Enter the new password in the password box and click on the Next button.
  4. Then lose the file and press on finish button.
  5. Select send /receive button on the upper left corner of the outlook window press f9 and try to send your email.

Sometimes it is possible that your outlook application is damaged use Microsoft office repair to fix it.

Fixing of outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 in Windows 10

  1. Close all Microsoft office applications.
  2. From the windows menu select   App and features.
  3. From the list of installed apps click on Microsoft office.
  4. If the user account window appears asking “do you want this app to make changes to your device” click on modify after that hit on YES, button.
  5. Page displayed on-screen select online repair from repair menu.
  6. After completion of the repair process restart your outlook account and try to send your emails.

Steps to exporting Outlook.com Contacts to Gmail

Hey, trying to export Your outlook contacts to Gmail? It is not very difficult to export Outlook contacts to Gmail. You can easily export the outlook contacts by following some basic steps. Yes, my dear friend, you can export the same with some basic steps. Read this write-up to last without skipping any points. Follow the below steps to know the answer to how to exporting Outlook.com Contacts to Gmail:

  • First of all, open Outlook and go to the ‘File’
  • After that, go to Option follow by select ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Now, hit the option ‘Export’
  • On the next screen, click on the option ‘Export to a file’ further hit the option ‘Next’
  • Now, you will get the list of folders where you need to choose the option ‘Contacts’
  • And further click on ‘Next’
  • Now, select the location where you want to save your file.
  • Now, hit the option ‘Finish’

Import Contact into Gmail:

Open a web browser and sign in to your Gmail account. Now, hit the ‘Gmail’ option and further go to the ‘Contact’ option. Further, go to the option ‘More’. Under more click on the ‘Import’ option. Now, browser the location where you save Outbox contact. After that, Import the contacts to Gmail.


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