How to resolve the issue of the Zebra Printer not printing?

Zebra printers are the multiple sizes and configurations of printers which is available for the users and are among the widely used printers all across the globe. They are available in all sizes and ranges which is completely pocket-friendly for the users. At any point, if you are facing an issue with the Zebra printer then there can be many reasons like print head contains debris or the label is preventing the heat transfer, wrong media in a Direct thermal application, the ribbon and media do not match properly, the wrong side of the ribbon is inked and many more can be resolved wither by contacting the technician or on your own.

How do I troubleshoot my Zebra Printer?

No matter how efficient your printer is, basic problems can always hamper their working. There may be a paper jam problem, cartrage problem, technical glitches, hardware issues, driver problems or configuration issues with your printer. Whatever may be the problem behind your Zebra Label printer not printing correctly, troubleshooting is easy with six easy tips below:

1. Check your printer connection

Although we use wireless printers these days but if your printer uses cable then loose, faulty, or broken wires can hamper the printing process. And when there are some issues with the wires, you need to be more careful while fixing it. So, just check whether the printer cable is tightly plugged in to the socket or it should not be broken, or faulty. If the wire is broken or faulty, replace it with a new one.

2. Check for any paper jams

We don’t realize but while printing, a little piece of paper might get stuck inside the printer. In such cases, a red light illuminates on top of the printer. You need to remove these bits of paper. So, pull out the paper tray, open the printer and pull out bits of paper from the printer.

3Check your printers settings

If multiple printers are configured to your PC, there is a possibility that Zebra printer is not set as your default printer. To set it as your default printer, follow the 4 easy steps below:

Navigate to your PC settings and select the printers tab located at the left menu.

Then right click on your Zebra printer and tap on set as default printer option.

Once a green tick appears on the Zebra printer, the printer will be set as default printer.

4Delete all the print commands

We often get impatient while printing and give multiple print commands to the printer. Due to this, the printer hangs sometimes. To fix this problem, you need to clear all the print commands sent to the printer and then try to print your document. To clear your printer’s queue:

Open your PC settings and visit the printers tab

Then right-click on your printer again and select delete the print queue option.

5Reboot your Zebra printer

If there are no paper jams, configuration or network issues, then a simple restart will troubleshoot your printer. So, switch off the printer, remove the plugs and them insert them in the socket again after 3-5 minutes.

Here we have mentioned some of the troubleshoot points which you can perform on your own if your Zebra printer not printing

  1. Try resolving the issue with the basic troubleshooting as it is easy and requires less time and effort for resolving the issue, firstly check for the cables, whether they are properly plugged or not, try to plug them directly into the socket instead of connecting them through extension cords.
  2. Now check that the network cable is firmly plugged in the computer as well as the printer and can be checked if the lights are blinking means the active network connection.
  3. Now if the lights on the printer are not showing ON, unplug the cables and plug it back in after a few moments, and check whether the printer starts working or not after pressing the power button
  4. You also have to make sure that there is enough paper in the tray and also check if any paper is jammed or not
  5. Also check for the level of ink
  6. At any point if the printer has stopped automatically check if any paper is jammed or not, stop all other jobs in the queue
  7. Make Zebra the default printer as sometimes the printer only takes command for the default printer
  8. Make sure your printer all the drivers are update

By following the steps mentioned above you can easily get rid of the issue of the Zebra Printer not working, but if the printer still showing the error then

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