Hotmail email account service is used by millions of users across the world. However, sometimes you may encounter some issues while using the Hotmail account which you need to fix. So, when you are unable to send or receive email or cannot connect to, then you don’t need to worry.  Hotmail is not receiving is one of the common issues, which faced by many users, but also fixed by following the troubleshooting solutions.

Why Is Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

Generally, the issue Hotmail is not receiving emails occurs, due to the following reasons:

  • When the problem with Email Filter
  • When the Web browser fails to load the mailbox entirely
  • IMAP or POP or exchanges are not set up properly
  • When the Network or Security associated problem arise
  • Emails have been sent to another account.

Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails Issue with Troubleshooting Solutions:

You can fix the problem by following the below solutions.

 Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

When Hotmail emails not arriving, then, first of all, check the properly active Internet Connection or WIFI signal. Maybe there could be an issue with your system’s internet connection. You should restart your system and validate it is linked to a stable connection.

Solution 2: Check the Junk Folder

Verify that you have checked the Junk folder in Outlook. Probabilities are that you could have got the email, but then again Outlook marked it as junk in its place. Then to fix the problem just open the email, go to its Actions, then Junk Email section, and then mark it as non-junk. Ensure always check the junk folder for missing emails.

Solution 3: Check Configure Settings

When Hotmail Not Receiving Emails, then chances are that there could be an issue with your Configure Settings. Maybe you configure the settings or details of your Hotmail account is incorrect. Then verify the IMAP and POP settings.

Solution 4: Check if Your Inbox Is Full

Verify is your inbox is full or has sufficient free space to arriving the email. Ensure when the Hotmail account does not have enough free space, then it would not receive emails. To fix the issue of Hotmail emails not arriving, just go to the Junk, Inbox, or any other folder and delete all the unwanted emails, so that you would be arriving mail in your main inbox.

Solution 5: Clear Multiple Connected Accounts

By default, Hotmail/Outlook joins a maximum of 20 email accounts in one place. However, if you have connected multiple accounts, then its canister blocks certain emails and cause Hotmail Not Receiving Emailsor errors. To fix the issue go to your Hotmail Accounts > Connected Accounts section to see the list of the linked account. Here you can also remove any email account that is no longer active.

Solution 6: Disable Firewall Application or Antivirus

Try to disable the firewall settings on the system or uninstall any Antivirus or suspicious application on your own, if you have set up in your system. Because often, a firewall or antimalware app can also block certain network connections.

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