Google Chrome is one of the most popular free internet browsers worldwide. It is used widely for accessing web pages on the internet. Chrome works with Google sites and services such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, Google Chrome, and also manages its system with different resources than other browsers. Chrome browser is automatic; configured to download and also verify updates are being installed automatically. It offers a private browsing option called incognito mode. There is a time when Google Chrome crashes, freezes or stops responding. A lot of answers are there if you ask why is Google Chrome not responding. Such things can become so important when you are troubleshooting and trying to fix the issues.

Close the browser properly

Some people don’t close it properly, and this is the most common issue for not working on chrome. It stops responding that the tab you have closed over time never actually closed and these processes add up and consume your RAM.

Reset the browser

Resetting the web browser settings is another way to troubleshoot this issue. You can eventually lead the problems if you have wrong settings. Here is how you can deal with it.

  • Open Setting
  • Click Advanced to open all settings
  • Then Reset and clean-up section
  • Click on Restore Settings to their original defaults
No internet connection

Before you troubleshoot Chrome, you should first check your internet connection. Check whether it is working or not. Make sure that the current network is connected to the internet or not. Is Google Chrome not responding, you need to select the start menu and then select the network status system settings by typing network.

Disable Chrome Extensions

Chrome crashes or freezes malicious or poorly designed extensions. It is a common issue in this regard. So, the last thing we would like to suggest is to disable the Chrome Extensions. However, it is difficult for you to know which extension is causing the problem the easiest solution is to disable all extensions and then enable only those extensions that you need at a time.


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