Facebook is one of the most popular platforms and is used the app by millions of users for connecting to friends, family, and other persons. But often users experienced the Facebook account is not working issue. So, if you are facing the same issue and you are thinking Why is Facebook not working on Android, and how to fix it? Then don’t worry about it. Well in this post, here are mentioned easy methods which you can take to fix this issue.

Why is Facebook not working on Android?

There are a few reasons that could possibly be behind the issue. These are Internet Connection issue, Cache & Cookies issue, Facebook App is not Updated, When You are not blocked by other people, and so on.

Methods to Fix Facebook Not Working On Android:

Method 1: Internet Connection

Many times, Facebook not working on Android due to the Internet Connection is not working properly. Check your and WIFI signal and Internet connection. Also, turn the cellular data option on your device.

Method 2: Log out of Facebook Account

You must do to log out of your Facebook app on your mobile app. To do this by following way: Click the arrow at the top right corner and then hit on the “Logout” button.  Then again login into your account.

Method 3: Verify Facebook App is Updated

Make sure that the Facebook app on your device is updated or not. Maytime the issue of Facebook not working on Android occur when the Facebook Application is not updated on your app. Then go to the Google Play store and update the Facebook app with the latest version.

Method 4: Check You Are Not Blocked

The problem is Facebook not working on Android often when the other person has blocked you from your friend list. So try typing the person’s name in the search field at the upper of your Facebook page and verify that the person is blocked you and their account still is activated.

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