If you are not getting email in the Mail app on your iPhone? Or is your favorite Email Not Working on iPhone properly or do you have other email issues? Then you should not worry. This is a common issue which is also faced by many iPhone users, but it is easily fixed. So, in this post you will get the complete information about the issue Why is Email not Working on iPhone and how to fix iPhone Email not Working Issues?

Why is Email not Working on iPhone?

  • Several reasons could cause the issue of Email not Working on iPhone correctly.
  • Older versions of the Email application
  • Web Browser Cache & Cookies Issue
  • Poor Internet Connection Issue
  • Network Connectivity Issue
  • Incorrect Email Account Credentials
  • Incorrect Email Settings Issue
  • Service Outage Issue and so on

How To Fix iPhone Email Not Working Issues?

Follow the below-given troubleshooting to fix iPhone Email Not Working issues:

Solution 1: Verify Internet Connection

When iPhone Email not Working, then firstly you should ensure that your iPhone is connected to the Internet properly. You may require to reset your network settings, which check that your iPhone connected to your Wi-Fi or cellular network correctly.

Solution 2: Check Email Setting

Often you can’t send & receive emails on your iPhone due to a lost connection problem with the Mail server. Then you should check that Apple has the correct account settings for your email service provider.

Go to “Settings” on your device. Then go the “Passwords and Accounts” section.

Now choose your email account, and then hit on it again at the upper of the next page to view the account settings.

Then you will be able to view the incoming & outgoing mail servers. Now check the settings via Apple’s Mail Settings.

Solution 3: Make Sure that the Login Credentials Is Correct

If the problem Email not Working on iPhoneis still persisting, then it could be that there is a problem with your username or password for that email account. often an incorrectly entered email and password create a lot of issues in accessing an Email account. Then check email username and password are entered correctly.

Make sure if you changed your email account password on another device, then you will require to change it on your iPhone, also.

Solution 4: Update the Latest Version of iOS

When Email not Working on iPhone, then you should validate you have the latest version of the iOS. In case you have not used the latest versions of the iOS, then update it now. Ensure updated versions of the iOS help to fix the bugs.

Solution 5: Restart iPhone

If the above solutions do not work to fix the issue of iPhone Email not Working. Then the next step you should take is to restart your iPhone. A simple restarting of an iPhone can solve a lot of difficulties. From time to time your phone just desires a fresh start.

That’s it.

I hope your issue will be fixed after performing the above-mentioned troubleshooting solutions. Also, you can get help from proficient experts at Apple.

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