FRP stands for Factory Reset protection it is a feature in android phones to protect your android phone against any unwanted activity.  It simply means that you’re Google accounts data factory is protected from illegal activity. It a provide protection and also help user to maintain the privacy of their data.FRP blocking is a good feature although it has become a headache for the users how mainly use 2nd hand android phones.   This feature can easily be enabled.  When your device is locked due to FRP following message appears on your device.

  1. Your device has been reset. To continue sign in with the same Google account that was earlier opened on this device.
  2. Your device has been locked due to abnormal factory resetting. To continue sign in with the same Samsung account that was earlier signed in on this device.

This feature is good in case you lost your phone or your phone is stolen there is still a chance that your personal data can be protected by using this feature.  Benefits of FRP Lock systems are mentioned below-


  1. If you have forgotten your email address or the password that you used on your device you will not be able to regain access.
  2. Getting back to the device is just impossible in the present time their few effective ways by which you can bypass your FRP lock.

Removal of Google FRP block?

 Step 1 – we need to turn off our phones.

Step 2- press and hold increase volume and power button at the same time.  Until your device is turned on.

Step 3-   Release the button and press the decrease volume button to choose recovery mode.

Step 4- After that clear cache and data.

  Your device is now free from FRP block you can enter your personal details.

   How can you bypass the FRP lock without OTG?

 If you want to come out of a Google account without using OTG, then you need to follow the following steps-

  1. You need to start your device and choose the language you preferred.
  2. Users need to connect the device to a WI-FI network.
  3. You were asked to enter your email; write in such a way that the keyboard appears on the screen.
  4. Using the keyboard you must click and hold @ button until the gear icon option like the Google keyboard setting option appears.
  5. Select the Google keyboard setting option.
  6. Click on 3 verticals points located on the upper right part of the screen.
  7. Select the help & comment option.
  8. It is necessary to look for configuration in the text that is displayed on the screen.The user must click, search and select the search icon.
  9. Click on the setting option of the search menu, and open “device settings”.
  10. You go back to “settings” and open the “Developer option” which must be activated.
  11. Then allow “Unlock OEM” and click on the return option twice.After that start your device again.
  12. Reconnect again to the Wi-Fi network. You are not required to sign in to the previous Google account it will ask you to add a new Google account.
  13. You need to continue by adding a new account to set up your phone.

If still anyone faces any problem regarding FRP lock then you need to go to Google and search how to bypass FRP lock without OTG you definitely get to resolve your related issue. Write your queries there and get quick help from the Google forum.

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