If your printer is not communicating with a computer or PC? so, there might be several reasons. If you want to resolve this issue so just follow the below-given instructions and solve the Printer not communicating with computer issue.

What are the reasons when Printer Not Connecting with Computer?

Due to the outdated printer drivers.
Wireless or wireless connection issue.
The ink cartridge is very low or dry.
Due to the damaged USB cable connection.

How to fix printer can’t communicate with computer issue:

Update the printer drivers:

If you are using outdated drivers in your printer so might be your computer will not connect to your printer.
Before doing anything, just find & update the printer drivers.

Check the ink cartridges:

Due to the low or dry ink cartridges, the printer doesn’t communicate properly with the PC so just open every slot of the ink cartridges and check the quantity of the ink.
If you found any issue so it is recommended, just replace your ink cartridges. Ensure that, you will use the quality & standard ink for your printer.

Check the Wireless connection:

If you are using a wireless connection, so ensure that your internet speed is good and check the network strength. For better use, just reset your router then, connect with the computer.

Replace the damaged cable:

Make sure, you have checked your USB cable or other wired connection between printer & computer. On the duration of the inspection, if you are getting any damages on the USB cable so just replace that.
Therefore, you can easily rid from Printer Not Communicating with Computer issue. But, if again you are getting a similar issue so you can directly connect with a technical expert via helpline number which is available 24X7 only for your assistance.

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