Apple is most trusted device when it comes about the security, if you or someone tries to login to your account with incorrect information, Your Apple ID will get locked automatically to protect your data.
And now how to unlock Apple ID, well it’s quite easy.

2. Now enter your email address associated to your Apple ID.
3. Now go through the human verification, Enter the code to prove you’re not a robot.
4. After the human verification click on continue.

Now it will lead You to the another page, here it depends what type of security you have used to protect your device. In case of two factor authentication you will receive the code on trusted device, just enter that code and change your password.

If You have used any security question to your Apple ID enter that and it will help you to change your password after few steps.

You can use your existing password as well to reset your password after visiting atĀ

If you have used the old two factor- authentication method, then you have to enter the code which you received while setting the authentication to unlock your apple ID, in addition to a code sent to your trusted device.

Unlock Apple ID – Two factor authentication

You need a trusted device in this step, Enter trusted phone number to reset your Apple ID password and unlock your account.
You will get a recovery code enter that and you will regain the access to your account, don’t forget to put strong password this time.

Your Apple ID will remain locked After so many unsuccessful attempts and You can try again next day.

some tips to avoid hacking of your Apple ID

  • Don’t respond to phishing email some tips to avoid hacking of your Apple ID.
  • There can be number of emails pretending to be from Apple and will ask you to login to your Apple ID.
  • phishing emails are quite easy to catch as they will have poor spellings and bad grammar.
  • Always go to to login to your Apple account.
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