Select All Emails in Gmail

It is not a difficult task for Gmail users to select emails in Gmail; neither the process requires a set of technical skills. We have divided the process and mentioned it in this write-up today. While performing a search, you can narrow your search by defining what aspects of emails you want to be considered. You can use labels or categories for performing your search. You can select the drop-down arrow to open options for more refined searches by field. However, you need to use the web for selecting emails in your Gmail because selecting emails on mobile or tablet is difficult. Let’s check out the steps and learn how to select all emails in Gmail here!

  • Open Gmail on your web browser
  • Click on Gmail and enter your login credentials
  • Go to the left pane of the page and click the Inbox folder
  • Go to the top of your email messages list
  • Then you need to click the main Select button
  • It will help you choose all the messages that are currently displayed
  • Choose the types of emails to be selected
  • You can go for the options such as None, All, Read, Unread, Starred, or Unstarred
  • To select all email messages, click Select all conversations

There are a lot of actions you can take after selecting the emails. You can mark all selected emails as spam and move them to your spam folder by clicking on the Report spam option. Many other things are there that can be done. You can also remove emails from your Inbox by selecting the Archive option, delete selected emails and send those to your Trash folder by selecting the Delete option (These emails will be automatically deleted after 30 days), or add labels to your email messages, such as Work, Social, and Later by selecting the Label icon. You may still ask what I can do with the emails after how to select all emails in Gmail. If you are not satisfied with the set of information provided through this page, please talk to the customer care officials.

Recovering deleted emails in Gmail

Getting a significant email deleted can be one of the biggest bad experiences. fortunately Gmail has made it inconceivably simple to fix this issue.

You can follow the steps given for recovering your lost emails on gmail –

  • First you can look for your deleted mails, on the left side panel as you sign in to your gmail.
  • In that list you’ll find an option trash or bin. These are names for the same folder, and can show either of them on your screen.
  • If you are unable to find it in the list click on option more hopefully you will be able to find the trash folder in the remaining list.
  • If you are looking for unread mail which has to be recovered then Please note that trash folder never shows the number of unread mail unlikely in your inbox.
  • Since you’ve discovered the folder containing your deleted messages, you can begin to recuperate them. Glimpse inside the folder for the email you wish to recover and tap on the box on the left of the email column to choose the email.
  • As you have chosen The desired email click on move to option above the list of emails
  • In this menu you can you can select where to put the email
  • If you do not want to move emails to any other folder then simply click the inbox button and your deleted emails will be put back to your inbox.

Please note gmail doesn’t keep emails deleted for more than 30 days. In case your messages are being deleted from different organizers, for example, “Inbox” or “Sent”, then, at that point, an outer outsider is doing this, and you should contact Google Support.

Always be careful when clicking the option delete forever in gmail as it would be impossible to recover any email if once deleted by this option. It will be removed permanently so it is recommended to always check the emails carefully before choosing this option.

 How to forward multiple email in gmail

Tired of sending emails one by one and wasting time? Didn’t you ever try to send multiple emails in just one click? Well many people aren’t aware of this privilege using gmail. Forwarding multiple emails on Gmail is available at just one click.

Day to day in professional life we really feel lack of handling things at a pace, for this reason forwarding multiple emails on gmail has provided some relief, well reasons can be many, usually in offices, people sharing same project work, sending legal notices, issuing circulars, communications to colleagues on different situations, in schools

Almost all organization at different spheres require a common platform to communicate and gmail is really playing its role in it. It is quick, safe and effortless.

There are two ways to set up multiple emails forwarding in gmail.

First is automatic forwarding emails in gmail- 

  • Login to your gmail account.
  • Select the emails you want to forward
  • On the top tap of the screen click the forward icon (an arrow towards right direction)
  • Now fill the column with the email address mentioning ‘enter email address of the recipient’
  • And then hit the icon ‘forward emails’
  • Then the recipient will automatically start receiving the emails in their inbox. Whether you are offline or online, the recipient will receive it like any other email.
  • Not to worry about the limit of forwarding emails. choose any number of emails to forward.

Second is Manual forwarding of multiple emails in gmail

  • Login to your gmail account.
  • Select the emails you want to forward, right click on them
  • And select ‘forward ‘
  • Each email you selected will open separately
  • Now you need to enter recipient email address
  • And lastly click on ‘send’


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