It is not a difficult task for Gmail users to select emails in Gmail; neither the process requires a set of technical skills. We have divided the process and mentioned it in this write-up today. While performing a search, you can narrow your search by defining what aspects of emails you want to be considered. You can use labels or categories for performing your search. You can select the drop-down arrow to open options for more refined searches by field. However, you need to use the web for selecting emails in your Gmail because selecting emails on mobile or tablet is difficult. Let’s check out the steps and learn how to select all emails in Gmail here!

  • Open Gmail on your web browser
  • Click on Gmail and enter your login credentials
  • Go to the left pane of the page and click the Inbox folder
  • Go to the top of your email messages list
  • Then you need to click the main Select button
  • It will help you choose all the messages that are currently displayed
  • Choose the types of emails to be selected
  • You can go for the options such as None, All, Read, Unread, Starred, or Unstarred
  • To select all email messages, click Select all conversations

There are a lot of actions you can take after selecting the emails. You can mark all selected emails as spam and move them to your spam folder by clicking on the Report spam option. Many other things are there that can be done. You can also remove emails from your Inbox by selecting the Archive option, delete selected emails and send those to your Trash folder by selecting the Delete option (These emails will be automatically deleted after 30 days), or add labels to your email messages, such as Work, Social, and Later by selecting the Label icon. You may still ask what I can do with the emails after how to select all emails in Gmail. If you are not satisfied with the set of information provided through this page, please talk to the customer care officials.



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