Are you aware of Windstream? It is parallel to any other email service providers by which you can send, receive and access emails. It is very easy to use and convenient. Here are some major issues and solutions one can face when tried log in to an email account. Internet connectivity can be an issue to face login trouble in your desired account. So cross-check your internet connectivity before log-in in to your account.

Web browser issue is one of the major issues associated with how to resolve Windstream Email Login Issues. Therefore, be careful when you face trouble during login in email account always check your browser is updated and working properly.

Fix Windstream Login Issue

Forget email username and password is one of the major reasons to face trouble in log-in to account. You need to reset your password by clicking Here in the drop-down menu, you will get an option of “My Account & Support” click on it. On the next page, you need to put your username and password and then click the tap “submit”. If your account username or password is wrong the service provider will reflect a message like “the email/password you’ve entered is wrong”. Now choose the “Trouble Logging In” link just below the login section. From the next page, you have to select the “Forget Username” or “forget password” option. Thereafter, you need to verify this account belongs to you by putting the answers which are being asked by the company to recover your account.

Fix Windstream not Working Problem

Server down problem is also an issue to get trouble in log-in. In this case, you need to wait until the company officials fixed the problem. Server Error is another big issue facing while log-in into your account. For fixing the server-related issue you need to follow these instructions like Incoming Mail Server-, Port SSL (993), Port -143, and the Outgoing Mail Server, Port 465 (SSL), Port – 587, Requires authentication – Yes.

Windstream Email Setup Issues

Subsequently, if you didn’t set up your Windstream email correctly then you may face an issue with log-in into your account. To get into, how to resolve Windstream Email problems, you need to follow simple steps by click on the Applications Tray and then select the “Email” option, then select the “Add Account” option, and in the required field enter your email user ID and password, and then you will see a “Next” button click on it. Now you need to select IMAP as your email account type. In Username, enter email address followed by password. For Incoming Server setting (IMAP) Recommended Port 993 (SSL) or Port 143 followed by Outgoing Server (SMTP), Port 465 (SSL), Port 587, or Port 25. Give a checkmark in your desired account options and then click on “Next”. You need to Enter a name for your account and then add your name and click on “Done”. Usually, by the above process, you can resolve the log-in issue easily. If this problem further persists, may call the technical assistant team.

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