Reset Wi-Fi Password

In order to enhance security network, it is necessary that users reset Wi-Fi password at regular intervals. This will allow users to protect their account from any sort of external threats. In case users do not have a wi-fi password then anyone to everyone can access the network and hence consume data. This will also turn in resulting losing the network speed. In order to ensure that you do not fall under such traps they change the wi-fi password at regular intervals. There is an effective process which will need to be followed by the users in order to quickly and efficiently change the Wi-Fi password. Users can move down the tutorial to follow such process or they can also directly contact us and our team of experts would offer assistance to quickly and efficiently reset Wi-fi password. Users can also take assistance from them in case they are getting stuck in the middle when following the below mentioned steps at any given point of time.

Steps in order to quickly and efficiently reset Wi-fi password:

Step 1: Once the browser has been opened then users can open the routers configuration page and in the address bar of the browser they can simply type or

Step 2: Once the same has been done in an effective manner then users will need to do is login to their router with their account username and password. In case users have never set it then the default one would be admin or user Admin.

Step 3: Once the users have logged in an effective manner then users will need to locate the Wireless or WLAN option which they can find it listed at the top or left side of the page.

Step 4: Users will now need to locate the Wi-Fi password box and then from there they can set the password which they want to setup for their network. It is recommended to keep a strong and safe password which should be a correct combination of characters, symbols, and numbers.

Step 5: Once the users have done all of that then users can simply click on Apply or Save so that the changes made have been saved in an effective manner.

Step 6: Users can now connect to their router with their newly created password and then they can simply enjoy uninterrupted internet services.

By doing so all of the previously connected devices would be disconnected and users will now have to reconnect all of the devices in which they want the Wi-fi services.

How to change Wi-Fi password and name of the router?

In case you have a default Wi-Fi password and name then you are advised to change the same on an immediate basis. As in such cases many users would be aware of the same and using your wi-fi services as a result of which your internet may slow down. There have been many instances due to this many of the users sensitive data is also getting stolen.  So it is advisable that users keep a strong and secure password for the router that they have been accessing the Wi-Fi services through. Users can change the password of their Wi-Fi router either by directly connecting with us and our experts would offer step by step guidance to change the password or they can also move down the tutorial and follow the steps as mentioned below to quickly and efficiently change the Wi-Fi password and name of the router.

Steps in order to quickly and efficiently change the Wi-Fi password and name of the router:

Step 1: In your favourite browser of the respective device users will need to type in which will directly take the users to configuration page of the router.

Step 2: Users will need to enter the default username and password of the router which would be admin which they would be able to find the router settings page.

Step 3: Doing which users will now be able to access the page of the router in which they would need to locate and open the Wireless tab which they can do by clicking on it.

Step 4: There would be passphrase tab in which users can enter a new password as well confirm the new password which they may have created for the account. Once done then click on Save to apply the changes and users new Wi-Fi password

How To Set Up A Wireless Router On A Mac

A Unix operating system macOS developed and marketed by Apple And is the primary operating system for Apple’s Mac computers. Being the second most widely used desktop OS in computers, macOS is the first preference of all the individuals because of high configuration and latest technology. MacOS is available in 39 languages and use as a personal computers. When we talk about computers the second most important thing come to our mind is the Internet or router, as the computer without Internet is like soul without body and the everyone wants the fast Internet to compete with the fast moving technology, but what happen if you are unable to set up router on MacOs ? What will you do , here we have mentioned the details information about how to set up the wireless router on MacOs to ease your life.

Following are the issues which may cause trouble while setting up the wireless router

  1. At any point if your Mac won’t connect to the Wi-Fi, first verify that you’re using the right Wi-Fi connection
    2. Issue with the Wireless Router
    3. Check for the available updates
    4. Issue with physical hardware
    5. Try to complete the DNS settings
    6. Try resolving the issue by resetting the PRAM and SMC or restarting your Mac

Why there is a need to set up a wireless router on a Mac? In order to make the smart home more secure and attractive by allowing a compatible router to control which services of all your Home Kit accessories can communicate with in your home Wi-Fi network and on the internet we need wireless router.

Steps to configure wireless router in Mac

  1. First of all In the Home app on your Mac, you have to first choose Edit Home.
    2. Now you have to click in Wi-Fi Network & Routers
    3. Fir that choose a router or extender
    4. And then choose a room to name the device, keep the easy name which you can remember easily
    5. Now you have to Click on Wi-Fi Network & Routers, choose an accessory, then choose a level of network security.
    Like No Restriction: The router allows the accessory to connect to any internet service or local device and provides the lowest level of security.
    Automatic: The router allows the accessory to connect to an automatically updated list of manufacturer-approved internet services and local devices.
    Restrict to Home: The router only allows the accessory to connect to your home hub.
    6. By choosing from the above option this may prevent firmware updates or other services.

Following the above steps helps you to easily set up a Wireless Router on a Mac without any hustle and you can enjoy the life long services.
You can also dial to the expert technicians through the toll free number available on your screen or either way you can connect with the team through direct chat or email services and get the instant solution of all tour requirements effectively immediately. Our customer care representative are also available 24*7 now considering your need of the hour and thus assist you in pandemic as well
Ao that tour life would not stop because of any technical glitches.



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