Are you searching “How to reset rocket mail password”?

This is just the right place for you!!

In the present scenario, we all are surrounded by so many apps, mail and social media accounts. Remembering passwords for all such accounts has become a burdensome process. Hence, I bring for you a streamlined approach on how to reset rocket mail password.

Follow the methods below to reset to rocket mail password:

Method 1: Recovery through mobile phone

This is the rapid password recovery method. Go to Forgot password and select the mobile number option. Yahoo will send a verification code on the number that you submitted at the time of creating a Yahoo account. Just submit that code and you will be provided with the option to reset your password.

Method 2: Password recovery by Google account

Under this, Yahoo will send a verification code on your Gmail id that you provided at the time of your yahoo account set up. You just need to log in to your Gmail Id, note down the verification code and submit.

Method 3: Answer security Questions

This method comes into the picture when you are unable to reset your password through the above methods. Under this, you need to answer some security questions such as your birth date, age, gender etc. The questions will be based on the information provided at the time of account set up. So at the time of setting up your account, be careful to submit the correct information.

Method 4: Contact customer support team

This is the most convenient option as customer service is available 24/7 for your assistance. Recovery issues can emerge in any of the above methods and hence customer service is present to help you at any step where you get stuck. You can reach out to customer support by an active helpline number or a live chat option.


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