Proton mail reset password is a very common problem, if you forgot your password then you can recover it easily. In other words, resetting your proton login password is different from another mail account. To decrypt your emails and other data your password is used, and we do not have use to. You will lose the ability to read your existing emails and access your saved data if you forget your password. Most of the proton user does not know how to proton mail password reset then you do not need to get worried about because the best instructions are given below you just follow it and get to learn the process to reset proton mail password.

Step by step instructions are given below to reset your Proton mail password

  1. First of all you should go to the Proton mail sign-in page.
  2. Then will ask to enter your username and password, if you are not able to remember your password then you just click on reset password option which is shown below of the password field.
  3. You should confirm that you would like to reset your password to send an email with a reset code to recover your email.
  4. While you are waiting for the reset code you do not close the reset page. This recovery code will void and you’ll need to start over.
  5. After that you should type your recovery code and select the reset password option.
  6. Then you’ll get a warning message which they are informing you that resetting your password will permanently encrypt all your messages in your inbox. In your mailbox, you will be able to see the emails and their metadata but one thing you must know that you will unable to see the body of the messages or any attachments.
  7. Once you should understand that this step is permanent so you need to type the word ‘danger’ in capital letters then select on the reset option.
  8. After all you should choose a new password and confirm it by entering it twice and click on the option of reset password.
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