Here You Can Learn How do I Reset my Epson Printer

 Epson is a Japanese electronics company and it is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of computer printers. It is information and imaging-related equipment and makes monochrome inkjet printers. This printer is perfectly functioning for home and business use, and they come with instruction manuals and also online support. It is the best printer for home office printing and delivers fast print speeds and takes exceptional print quality. If you think about How to Reset Epson Printer? 

Few steps to Reset Epson Printer

Then you can follow the steps as mentioned below:

 Step 1

Firstly, download the SSC Service Utility program for the Epson printer. It is available free on some of the websites. This program allows you to reset the security counter.

Step 2

You can click on the file and choose “Unzip” or “Unpack” to open the file. Now, please double-click on the “Set up File” to install the software.

Step 3

You can select the “start” button from your desktop and click on “program files” or find “SSC Service Utility” and again double-click it to open the program.

Now, click on the configuration tab and select your printer from the list of available printers. When you leave the program, the icon should appear as a small printer icon in your “Task Bar” on your desktop.

 Step 4

Now Click on the icon in your “Task Bar”. Click “Security Counter” from the list of options and click “reset security counter” to reset the printer. If you continue to print after the printer warns that it needs maintenance, you may have been looked out.

In this case, instead of selecting “security counter” and select “additional “from the list of options. Now you select “soft reset” after that selection “protection counter” and reset protection counter to reset your printer.

Quick tips to Reset your Epson Printer

Producing a large number of inkjet and laser printers is the main feature of the Epson Printer. Facing problems with the Epson printer is a common issue for us. But it is very easy to reset again. Printers are used for home and business purposes and printers have their manual and online guideline. A reset can help you clear a jam and other problems through a different set of troubleshooting issues. This write-up will clear you how to reset an Epson printer? The process and guidelines have been discussed below:

Click on Control Panel which is near to display then search for a button called Reset. Then wait 5 seconds and the counter will be reloaded and you can check that counter will start from the first print or not. It will take just two minutes to complete the process. But sometimes we can see that we cannot find the Pause or Reset button then you need to select the on/Off button and wait 4 to 5 seconds. It will delete the timer and reset the printer completely and wait for that the timer restarted from 0.

To reinstall your Epson printer, click off mode to your printer and disconnect from you. Then select the “Start” and again select the “Printer and Fax” option other than Windows user. Windows users can select “Device and Printer”. Now click on “Printer” and select the “Delete” option on your right. Windows users can right-click on “Printer” and choose the “Remove Device” option then start again computer. Lastly, connect your printer with your computer and ON the power. Now Windows will automatically reinstall and select the Epson printer driver and it will work again.

Expectantly, these steps will help you, how to reset an Epson Printer but if you still having to get a message or having a problem again then you can get from the printer support team to get rid of the problem.  

How to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings?

Epson printer is the most used printer all over the world. But sometimes the user of the printer gets issues like the printer is showing the message that “Printer Maintenance Required” If you also face a similar kind of problem then don’t be panic. You can get rid of the problem by simply resetting your printer. Mainly, three processes are there to reset Your Epson printer. This article will explain the step-by-step methods for how to reset Epson Printer to factory settings? Follow the below narrate methods:

Method- 1: Via Reset Button

  • Firstly, switched off the printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Thereafter, press and hold the Reset button which is located at the back of the printer with the help of a pin for at least 5 seconds.
  • Now, a warning page will print and followed by a page will print containing a default IP address.
  • Thereafter, reconfigure the printer by entering the default IP address to the computer system.

Method – 2: Via the Control Panel

  • Press the Home button and open the main menu on the Control Panel of the printer
  • Now, open the Setup menu and click the button ‘OK’
  • Thereafter, go to the option ‘Restore Default Settings and click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, click the up and down buttons to find the ‘Restore Network Settings and then click on the OK button.
  • And restart your printer.

Moreover, you can reset your printer by using the Epson Adjustment Program. The process is very useful when the reset button and other buttons are not in working condition. First, update or install the latest version of the Epson Adjustment Program on your computer system. Now, go to your computer and open the Epson Adjustment Program and select all necessary options by pressing the selection option. Here, select the model number of your printer and the port to which the printer is connected. Followed by pressing the option ‘ok’ The Adjustment and Maintenance window will be opened. Thereafter, choose the Waste Ink Pad Counter option which you will get under the Maintenance section. Thereafter, check the Main Ink Pad Counter option and click on the initialize button given at the bottom. Now, press the option Finish. Finally, your Epson printer is resetting successfully. Hopefully, all the above processes will help you to get your answer on how to reset Epson Printer to factory settings?

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