The Japanese printer Canon produces the product like lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which are having high demand worldwide. The canon products are highly appreciable because it is having a high definition of lenses which provides the best ever lenses memory to the user.

Since every product needs assistance, this Canon Printers too, as sometimes the issues related to the no ink in the pot, print stuck all the time. The printer not scanning properly and many such issues can only be resolved by the proper guidance and support of the Canon Printer technical support team.

Resetting Canon Printer can be pretty easy by simply following some of the quick steps mentioned


  1. First of all you need to click on Set up in your Canon Printer
  2. Now you have to press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Device settings
  3. And afterward press OK.
  4. Again press the arrow buttons until you navigate to the Reset setting and then press OK.
  5. Again navigate to Reset all by press the arrow button and then press OK.
  6. Afterward Select Yes
  7. Your device is now reset using the Factory reset option

You can now easily reset the Canon Printer using the most simple steps mentioned above and in any case if unable to do you then never ever get hesitate to get connected with the most professional and knowledgeable professionals who provides you the best technical support of all the time by resolving your issues in a stipulated period of time and providing you solution all instant without any trouble.

Using a canon printer and facing issues with it. Is normal. By resetting your canon printer can solve your issues.

Ways you can look forward for resting canon printer can be –

First you need to check the printer ink. Inkjet printers need to get refilled. An ink cartridge printer needs to get its cartridge changed. So you can do it according to the printer model.

You can even check the power button. By turning off the canon printer and removing its cable from power and replugging it, might fix the issue.

Hard reset process is another way to reset your device. Hard reset deletes all the data and work performed on the printer even through printer memory.

For hard reset

  • Press the control panel button
  • A menu of resetting will be shown
  • Select soft reset by pressing left and right arrow keys and keep pressing ok until you see the hard reset key and then leave it.

Another way you can try to reset is Canon printer factory reset. Factory reset means to completely restore your device. For this you need to follow a few steps.

  1. Press the setup button
  2. Press the arrow key and tap on it till you see the ‘device settings’ option and press ok
  3. Now in reset settings with the help of arrow key,
  4. Press down to ‘reset all’ and press ok
  5. It will ask you to reset all choose the option ‘yes’
  6. Press ok, resetting of your device is completed


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