Facebook a social media platform is widely famous among of peoples. Millions number of individuals have created a Facebook account in order to connect with their other persons. Meanwhile communicating with their family members or friends. But sometimes users have faced difficulty in accessing their account due to forgetting password issue. commonly, this happens when users use the Facebook account after a long time or having to handle multiple accounts concurrently, and other reason. However, recover your Facebook account procedure is completely easy. Then, in case you have lost or forgotten your password so that you can regain access to your account quickly.

Here you will learn the easiest ways of recovering your Facebook password using your alternate Google account, Email address, and Mobile number. Then follow the below-presented steps.

Easy Steps to Recover Facebook Account Password:

First, on your computer open your favorite web browser, go to the Facebook login page.

After reaching the login page, enter your Facebook Email ID.

Then you have to click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link.

Enter your Facebook email address or linked phone number to find your account. Click on ‘Search’.

Choose one recovery method out of three options showing on-page. Then click on ‘continue’.

Depending on your chosen option, you will get the recovery code to reset your account password on that option.

Then check your Google account or Email or Mobile Number to see that recovery code, and then submit that code into the required field.

On the password reset page, make a new password and then re-enter the password again to confirm it. Click on ‘Continue’.


Now you have done successfully reset or recover your Facebook account. Sign in to your Facebook account easily without any trouble.

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