How to recover my lost Yahoo account

Recovering any Yahoo Account may seem like a difficult task to some users, but it is all about knowing the right ways to do it. The methods given below will help you easily recover it if you have unfortunately lost access to your account. To do so, initially, you need to start with the steps below and continue as we have advised. If none of these ways helped you in your Yahoo account recovery, make a direct conversation with the customer support professionals. Yahoo has recruited highly dedicated support engineers who are carrying years of experience in the technical support industry.


  • Go to the Yahoo Account sign-in page
  • Click on “I don’t remember my password”
  • Enter your Yahoo email ID now
  • Go to the next page
  • Here you will see three password recovery options
  • Select the option that best suits you and follow the steps below

Recover your account with alternate Email address:


  • In this method, you will receive a password recovery link to the same email address.
  • Then you will be re-directed to the password reset page.
  • To get there in one click, need to click on the password recovery link.
  • On the password reset section, you just need to enter a new password twice.
  • Click on the Save icon and recover your password


Recover your account with Secret Security Questions:


Now, Security Questions is the option that you can use, in case you do not have your alternate email address or the registered phone number. You will get access to this option once you bypass the above two methods. In this case, Yahoo will ask you to a

nswer some security questions configured at the time of your account registration. Post answering these questions correctly and you will be allowed to set up a new password for your Yahoo account. The options mentioned above will fare you through the process of Yahoo account recovery.


Recover your account with Recovery Phone Number:


This option is very simple. You just have to enter some missing digits of the registered phone number. The first and last digits will be appeared on your account verification page. After you have entered those digits, click on “Submit” and then an OTP will be sent to that phone number. Enter that OTP and get re-directed to the password recovery page. In this page, you will have to reset your new password and access the lost account.

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