Enter your Apple id username

On the I forgot website enter your Apple id username.  This is usually the email address that you were used to create your Apple id, what it is by looking at your Apple devices you can find out.

·         First of all, you need to go to the settings on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and tap on your name.

·         If you are a Mac user then you should go to the Apple menu then system preferences and apple id.

Alternatively, you open the app store, iTunes, or Apple music and look for your Apple id username inside those applications. If you still do not know your Apple id username then try to sign in with any old email address which you were used in the past.

2.       Enter your personal details

Apple might be asked by you to answer security questions or enter a phone number connected to your account. If you have your own iPhone then this is not necessarily the same phone number you use for your mobile. To verify your identity with Apple you need to answer these security questions. If you are unable to give the answer to your security questions then you should contact directly from Apple support.

3.       To unlock your disabled Apple id use your Apple device

To your connected Apple devices Apple tries to send a notification. If you have used your device, unlock it and tap on allow the option to unlock you disable Apple id. Or you can also do this to enter a verification code or follow prompts to reset your password if someone else was attempting to access your account. Hopefully, you have unlocked your Apple id. If you are failed to unlock your Apple id then keep following the below instructions for more help.

4.       To unlock your disabled Apple id you can use a verification code

If you did not get a notification then click on the option of unable to use the device. This prompts Apple to text a six-digit verification code to the phone number which is registered to your account.  Apple might be asking for your recovery key. When you activated two-step authentication on your account this is a long code Apple created. At that time, Apple would have prompted you to print it out and keep it safe.  You just enter the requested codes which were followed by your Apple id password, to unlock your account.

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