Yahoo email is one of the most popular free email services used by users for personal and professional use. You can access the Yahoo Mail account on all types of devices such as Windows or Mac PC/laptop, Android, and iOS. It is easy to set up the Yahoo mail app on smartphone devices, However, sometimes users also face the problem of yahoo mail not working on their Android devices. But also, they resolved the issue quickly with troubleshooting solutions.

So, if you are a Yahoo user and you face the problem while accessing the Yahoo mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices.

Solutions to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue:

Solution 1: Verify Internet Connection

Firstly, verify that the internet connectivity is working fine or validate your mobile WIFI single range which enables the app to access the cellular data.

Solution 2: Verify Web Browser

You should try to open another page in your web browser and then open a Yahoo mail account just to check that the problem is related to your browser or not.

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Yahoo Mail App

Still yahoo mail not working, on your iPhone or iPad devices, so you must do the Uninstall and then Reinstall Yahoo Mail app on your devices again from the Apple Store.

Solution 4: Update iOS Firmware

Often yahoo mail not working on android phones due to outdated iOS versions. So, verify that iOS Firmware is updated with the latest version or not. Thus, follow the below steps to do the same.

Go to the iPhone Settings menu. Head to the “General” icon and tap on it to verify the latest software updates. If there is an update available for download, then download them promptly.

 Thus, after following the above steps you can easily fix the yahoo mail not working issue.

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