This issue is very common with the printers of different companies. You want to print a document but your printer’s black ink has decided to not give you any result. Under such a scenario, we Google the troubleshooting tips and try to resolve this problem. However, it is very unfortunate for an individual or organization to face this issue. Go through the below-mentioned points to troubleshoot the printer not printing black issue.

  • The user who faces issues with the printer ink problem, need to change the printer cartridge with a new one to fix the issue and also try to use original ink cartridge for not getting issue with the printing paper.
  • The user needs to check the print head of the printer. The user needs to check that the print head is not clogged, if it is clogged then clean it properly.
  • After checking both the cartridge and print head, then update the printer device driver software or the user can uninstall the app and again reinstall the updated app
  • Lastly, if the user still faces the issue, then change the printing paper, it may be an issue with the paper where the ink is not printing black.

If the user gives the command for the printing of that file whose format is not supporting in the ink cartridge, so check the file twice if you face an ink issue.
Printer Not Printing Black Ink

You can operate your printer without any hassles, but it sometimes discourages you by not printing the black color. New age printers are coming with technological advantages and offering the latest features. These printers use chemically treated, heat-sensitive media, while thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable and long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials. Used for household and commercial purposes, these printers help us work efficiently and flawlessly. Some user often needs technical support to complete the printing job. If printer not printing black, it requires you to do some troubleshooting to put this machine back on track. Here are the troubleshooting steps if printer not printing the black ink.

  • If you are sure that you have turned off the printer and device connected to it.
  • Please open the printer by pressing the button on the side of the label printer and read its manual to locate the buttons.
  • Now you can remove the top cover of the printer and again remove all rolls of labels for it.
  • Now you should easily only attempt to remove labels that have loose backings.
  • Then you take the cotton swab and remove it directly from the printer. You be careful while cleaning the printer and get your work done properly.
  • The next step is replacing the damaged roll with new rolls and carefully places them in the printer, after that you take off the top cover of the printer.
  • Now turn on the printer power and try to your Pinter a label through it. Follow this step to make sure your printer will work properly.

If the printer continues to have the same issues so don’t worry you need to take further step it. You can take the help troubleshooting guide and also update the drivers of the printer from the zebra official website. This point helps with the answer to your question how to fix printer not printing black ink.




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