How to fix Google one not working?

Google apps can be weird sometimes. And when one works with the Google one app, it’s even more frustrating to see the app crashing while making payment for the subscription. But no worries. All you need to do is follow the six easy troubleshooting steps. Let’s get started!

Reboot your Google one app

Sometimes corrupted data in the app may create issues in the app functioning. For this, the best option is to force stop the relevant application.

  • First, go to your phone settings and click on app management.
  • Then visit the app list and search for Google one app. Once you find the app, tap on it, hit the force stop button and restart the app

Clear the app cache

Junk files, unwanted scripts and images restrict the app from opening. In such cases, remove the cache and empty the storage

  • To clear the cache, visit the Google one app under the app list
  • Click on Storage usage and then tap on Clear cache.
  • But be careful not to click on Clear data as it will delete all your important files and images.

Update to the latest app version

If your app is still not working, then there’s a need to update your app to the latest version as an outdated version does not support some files and creates issues in the app working.

  • Navigate to Google play store and tap on your profile icon
  • Then click on Manage apps and device and tap on Updates available
  • Check if any updates are available for the Google one app, then hit the update button.
  • Now, reboot your phone and try restarting the app.

Steps To Fix Google One Not Working

If Google One backup is not working properly then this problem can be caused by anything like application installation error, some issue with application cache data, app version not updating on time etc. To make Google One Backup run properly, you can try the following solutions.

1.Clear App Cache Data

If one of the reason why your google one app is not working is due to corrupted temporary data stored by this app. If you want to fix this then you have to clear the cache and data of the app. The specific steps to follow may be different for your particular phone model.

Open Settings on your Android and select Storage

Click Apps to show you a list of all the apps you’ve installed on your phone.

Tap on Storage & Cache. This will open the app storage and notifications settings.

Then you select Google One app and then tap on Clear cache button.

2.Reinstall the Google One app

One of the reasons why Google One Backup is not working can be due to incorrect installation. You can uninstall and reinstall the tool to resolve this issue.

For this you have to go to your Google Play Store and tap on the profile icon on the top right.

Click on Manage Apps & Devices> Manage.

Find Google One and press Uninstall.

3.Try updating the Google One app

Older versions may contain bugs so you should keep updated to the latest version. One of the reasons why you can’t back up your phone to Google with Google One is because the Google One app is out of date. You can update the Google One tool by following the steps below.

Now you have to open the Google Play Store app and tap on the profile icon at the top right.

Then you have to click on Manage apps and devices. If your Google One app is “Update Available”, hit Update to get the updated version.

4.check your available storage with the Google One app.

You open the Android Google One application on your device.

Then you’ll need to tap Memory at the bottom.

Under “Memory used,” find the storage for each product.

Under “Family storage,” find the memory used by any family member in your plan.

5.Try logging out and logging in.

If your Google One app isn’t working, try signing in and signing out once. For that you need to go to the phone’s Settings menu and find the option to sign out of your Google Account, and then, sign in to your account again


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