As from the name of the device it makes clear sense that Apple TV is a digital media player which is developed and sold by Apple Company.  This is a small appliance and entertainment device that receives digital data for visual and audio content such as music, video, games, etc. plays on your connected television set. Apple TV is a complaint source device from HDMI.  To get things displayed on screen it is necessary that must be connected to a high-definition widescreen television or HDMI cable. This is a remote base operating device. Apple TV runs along software application preinstalled with system software on the device or you can simply download the apple tVOs app with help of an internet connection on your device. Major online content sources for Apple TV apps include subscription services for streaming television and film, cable and broadcast connections. WI-FI network connectivity also uses to display content purchased or rented directly from the Apple I-Tunes store or shared from macros or windows computers running I-Tunes.

Apple TV not connecting To WI-FI?

If your Apple TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi here are some of the steps you need to follow-


  • First of all find out how to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Click on the settings menu and search for networks.
  • Or on Apple TV 4th generation on, go to the setting menu select the general option and click on the network (settings>General>network).
  • Choose the compatible WI-FI network to join .enter your password to connect.
  • Apple TV does not connect to captive networks, which requires additional or secondary login, the captive network can be free or paid in places such as business, educational institutions, hotel, airport, railway station, Mall, conference halls, offices, etc.
  • After that make sure that your internet router is connected to the modem and both are turned on if both of them are combined they must be turned on.
  • Try to keep your Apple TV within 30cm of your router. Try to avoid any disturbance in the path of the wireless signal.
  • For good experience directly connect your Apple TV to the modem with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Now, restart your Apple TV, router and modem if still you need help then go to setting option >system and select restart. On Apple TV go to settings>general>restart.
  • Unplug your router, cable, and modem from the power and after few seconds plug in all the devices back.
  • Connect to your Apple TV with router, cable, and modem through Ethernet cable.
  •    Your Apple TV will be connected either to WI-FI or Ethernet. If you are using an Ethernet cable Apple TV is automatically connected to it rather than a WI-FI network.
  • After connecting update your software settings. Go to the setting menu select system and update your software or on Apple TV go to settings>general> update software. Install all the updates.
  • Then unplug your Ethernet cable and your device gets automatically connected to WI-FI network.

If still you facing a problem with “Apple TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi”then call the agents from the service center they will guide you or do it for you.  You can also contact our experts through the phone they will assist you or have a live chat or sessions with them you can also, take the help from YouTube as per instruction mentioned by them just follow it and you are easily able to connect your Apple TV to WI-FI networks without much effort.

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