In this post, you will learn How to Connect Your Roku TV To WIFI Without a Remote for the first time, if you don’t the process!

Therefore, Roku remotes use WIFI to connect to Roku players. So, in case if you drop your remote or it stops smooth working, then you may be not watching your shows. Fortunately, there is a bypass, to this that enables you to control your Roku TV using your Smartphone. Here is step-by-step guidance on how to use & connect your Roku device (TV) without remote control, even if you are on a new WIFI network.

However, but before going for the procedure on how to connect your Roku TV to WIFI without a remote, you will ensure that your smartphone having a good Internet connection.  Also, check if it runs on an Android OS if you are using a Smart Roku TV.

Easy Steps to Connect Your Roku TV To WIFI Without Remote:

  • Firstly, unlock your Android phone or iPhone and then go to “Settings”.
  • Then choose the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option, then pick “Set up Mobile Hotspot” and hit on “OK’.
  • After that add the Wi-Fi network name and pick the Security mode (WPA2 PSK) and then save the Mobile Hotspot and then your Hotspot will be activated.
  • Next, go to Google Play Store app and then download & install the Roku app on your Phone.
  • After installing the Roku app, open it on your device. Tap on the “Remote icon” presented at the lower side of the screen. Now use the keys presented on the remote layout to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • In the “Settings menu”, find your exact Wireless Network.
  • Now provide the passcode or security keys appropriately, and then tap the Connect option.
  • Now your Roku TV or device is now connected to the WIFI without Remote.
  • In this, way, it is very easy to how to connect your Roku TV to WIFI without a remote.

What are the Steps to Connect Your Roku TV to Wi-Fi without Remote?

American company Roku involves in the hardware digital media players whose services are widely used by customers all across the world. It is best known for offering streaming media t to its users and helps to reduce the cost as it popularizes in low-cost, set-top boxes and many more are its most frequently used mediums. Roku has launched 9th generation services till yet which is highly used and appreciated by users all across the globe.

If you are looking for the most demanded steps for connecting Roku TV to Wi-Fi without With the help of your remote then you should get in touch with the following steps mentioned below:-

  1. First of all from the setting menu on your phone, you have to click on Mobile Hotspot and then open the Hotspot menu
  2. Now you will be prompted with the message to continue
  3. Now from the Mobile Data usage, click on continue
  4. You can see the option from the Mobile Hotspot menu, you have to add the WIFI network which is saved in your Roku device
  5. Now clearly enter the network name and scroll down to enter the accurate password
  6. You have to now save your Mobile Hotspot
  7. Check the settings again and the connections instructions too
  8. Now click on OK to activate the Mobile Hotspot

By following the above steps thoroughly you can easily connect your Roku TV to Wi-Fi without any remote very easily but still facing any issues then get connected with the most renowned and always available technical support team who troubleshoot your issues by providing maximum assistant and resolve your every query by presenting 24*7 services all the time so that you can always enjoy the services day and night.


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