No matter whether you have a touch screen printer or not, HP wireless Printers can be easily connected to a Wireless network through a Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) or Wireless setup Wizard depending on your printer model.

How to connect HP printer via WPS?

For connecting an HP Printer using a WPS, you need a Wi-Fi router with a WPS push button, an HP Printer with a Wireless and cancel button and a Wi-Fi network that uses WPA password. To connect the HP printer to your Wi-Fi using WPS push button, keep the printer near your router and push the wireless and cancel button on the printer together for at least 3 seconds till the wireless light starts blinking. After this, push the WPS button on your router and wait. The blinking of blue light takes some time so wait till the blue lights on both the printer and router stops blinking. Once, the blue light on both printer and router stop blinking, this indicates that the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If in case the blinking of lights does not stop even after 7 minutes, reboot the printer and repeat the above process again.

How to connect HP printer via Wireless setup Wizard?

If there are no push buttons on the printer, then wireless HP printers are connected to a wireless network using the printer’s control panel. So, just switch on your printer and place it near the router. Then click on the wireless icon located at the bottom of the printer’s touch screen and navigate to printer settings. Thereafter, select network setup from the list and click on Wireless setup Wizard from the available Wi-Fi options. At last choose your Wi-Fi network, enter your Wi-Fi password and the printer will connect to your Wi-Fi.

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