Zebra Label printer is one of the foremost printers brand which used for official and household purposes. This printer is manufactured by the company named Zebra Industries from which it gets the name. Zebra printers are compact, simple to operate. It offers durability to your business demands ranging from low to mid high volume printing. With the printers amazing features, it used various places across the world which brings a revolution in the printer world. It has various versions like barcode labels, receipts, wristbands and RFID applications etc. It may generally use for commercial purposes. Undoubtedly, these printers are amazing and reliable and budget-friendly but still, the printers need some technical assistance and the user needs to do the troubleshooting for the flawless running of the printers. To know how do you troubleshoot a Zebra Label Printer, you are supposed to know the major issues faced by this printer.

Main issues

  • Are you skipping labels?
  • Do you have poor or low barcode ANSI grade?
  • Is there a wrong label ribbon combination?
  • Are you getting poor quality printing?
  • Maybe none of the settings gets saved
  • Have you kept the wrong type of paper?

Troubleshooting methods

  • Before doing any troubleshooting, a user needs to clean all the accessories of the printer with a clean and dry cloth.
  • One needs to switch off the printer and keep at least 2-3 minutes like this and then again turn on the switch of the printer and try a test print.
  • In the next step, one must need to switch off the power of the printer and the device connected to it. Now coming to the next steps, one needs to open the printer by pressing the button on one side of the printer. Then the users need to open the cover of the printer and take out the labels. Now change the damage roll with a new roll and put it gently in its place. Then place all the things which the user open from the printer and close the cover. Thereafter, switch on the socket and turn on the printer and check the label printer is working properly or not.
  •  The user of the printer needs to check all the cables and the hardware is working properly or not. If not resolve the issue.
  • The user of the printer needs to update the operating system and the device driver software from the official website of the company.By the above-discussed methods, you may deal with the concern – how do you troubleshoot a Zebra Label Printer. One can do troubleshoot the zebra label printer. If one gets the same problem can contact the technical support team and seek help about the matter. If you are unable to resolve the issue by the listed troubleshooting methods, go for a telephonic conversation with the customer support professionals. Zebra Label Printer comes with after-sales services that have been appreciated by thousands of users. The customer support professionals are backed by rich domain experience and committed to delivering satisfactory services.
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