What are the steps to reset My Brother Printer?

Brother Printers are best known to provide their services worldwide which are highly used and appreciable by the users. Computers Printers, Desktop, multifunctional printers, Fax machines, Typewriters, domestic appliances and many more are some of the products of Japanese multinational company Brothers.

They are best known not only for their wide range of the Printers but also for the other services which left the user Spellbound.

Every Printer needs some extra care and time to time services then only it works lifelong, and at any point, if you are facing an issue with your Brother Printer wherein it is not responding or not working properly then it may require some level of troubleshooting which can resolve the error. To resolve the error, some recommended and immediate actions need to be performed like Restoring to the default factory setting is one of the excellent ways of protecting the printer and the sensitive information like passwords and security settings which you may require for the later on work purpose.

When it comes to resetting Brother Printer then we may use different methods to reset it which are mentioned below:-

Steps to Reset Brother Printer to Default

1. First of all, you need to detach the interface cable for Network

2. Then click on the Menu button from the printer control panel.

3. You have to now use the Up or Down Arrow keys followed by select Initial Setup and then press OK
4. Now select the reset function of your preference and then press OK.
5. Continue with reset All Settings, and then press “1” and then proceed to the next step.

6. Now you will be prompted with the message to reset the printer. Continue with reset the printer, press “1” and your printer will reset to default

Steps to reset Brother Printer by Factory Settings

1. First of all turn off your brother printer and make sure to remove the power code from the outlet, no power should be supply

2. You have to make sure that you have closed all the lid

3. Now plug the power cord back to the outlet

4. On the Printer control panel, long press on the GO button

5. Followed by Press the Power button

6. Now you have to wait for few minutes for the light indicators to start again

7. Press the GO button six times once the light indicators stable

8. By doing so, your Brother Printer is now reset to Default Factory setting

Always keep in touch with the Technical support team either through direct chat, email or call and get all your resolution related to How to Reset Brother Printer? We have a specialized skill and dedicated professional who understands your concern and offers you the best possible ways to resolve the error in a stipulated time frame.

1. 24*7 and 365 days service & support

2. Best Possible method to resolve the error

3. Quick resolution for every small and big query

Brother Printer Hard Reset

Brother Printer is very famous all over the world because of producing a great variety of printers. This brand is highly preferred among professionals who understand the quality of printers. This brand of printer sells heavily in every part of the world. With high-quality products being backed by supreme quality services, For the people who do not know about this brand should know that Brother Printers come in various types, sizes, and shapes.

Resetting a Brother Printer

Resetting a Brother Printer is never a herculean task at all. If you are here to know how to do a hard reset on Brother Printer, then you are absolutely present in the right post. This post can guide you in the most simple and effective way.  Usually one prefers to hard reset a Brother Printer when it is not working properly so that it can get fixed easily. People who lack any sort of technical knowledge might find it hard and tricky but it is very simple if you understand the steps.

How to hard reset a Brother Printer?

Open the official website of this brand and go to the support menu. In the support menu, you will find drivers and downloads and hit on the printers tab.

Now choose the type of printer, by choosing the model, and then choose to view to see the results. Then choose what your operating system is and then hit on the search button. You can then check the results with BRAdmin and then hit on the information and download link and then click on download.

Then run the downloading program and check the instruction to follow all of them till your process is completed. Then you launch BRAdmin and then choose the model number of your printer of this brand.

Now do the network configuration and then go to the control menu to do hard reset.

With all these steps, you can complete your hard reset process very easily. If you have any troubles, then you can get in touch with the customer care team of this printer brand to seek support for your issues. You can also check the community forum if something does not work. Brother Printer is always the chosen one as the customers of this brand know that if they face any issues then they can get in touch with the customer support team of this brand to solve their issues.

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