Is your Yahoo mail account hacked?

We are here for your rescue!

Just like a coin technology also has two sides. So don’t panic if your Yahoo mail account is hacked as here I bring a step-by-step guide to answer your question “how do I recover my hacked Yahoo mail account?”

Account recovery on desktop:

  • Visit the Yahoo login page on your web browser
  • Then find and click on Trouble signing in? Tab at the screen bottom.
  • Then submit your recovery phone number or email address linked to your Yahoo account
  • Tap on Yes, send me a verification code or yes, send me the account key.
  • Open your mobile messages or email, then enter the 8 digit verification code in the text box on the Yahoo page and confirm your verification.
  • Then create a new strong password of a minimum of 16 characters as long passwords are unlikely to get hacked.
  • Then again sign in to your account, check your inbox and clear your spam.

Account recovery on mobile:

  • Install Yahoo Mail from the play store on your mobile.
  • Open Yahoo mail and on the upper left corner tap on your account
  • Go to Trouble signing-in and enter your recovery mail
  • Submit the verification code sent to this mail.
  • Once Yahoo verifies you, it will provide you with the option to reset your password
  • Now, create a new password and secure your account.

If you don’t have access to your recovery mail or phone number then choose to answer some security questions such as birth date, pet name etc that were created at the time of account set up for future verification. Then choose to create a new password.

Note: Keep changing your Yahoo mail passwords every month to prevent further hacking of your account.

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