How do I Recover Windows 10 Password?

  • Shut down your PC when it prompts you to enter the windows password
  • Then you need to press the power button of your system at least 3-4 times till it shows up the preparing automatic repair message on your computer screen.
  • Press the power button for the first time till it shows the dotted circular motion on the screen. Then press it again to shut down your system. Repeat this activity 2 more times and then switch on your PC again by pressing the power button again.
  • In your fourth attempt, you will see “Preparing Automatic Repair” message on your screen that will initiate the password recovery process.
  • Then you will see dots moving in circular motion again with the message “Diagnosing your PC”.
  • After this, you will see the Automatic repair page on your screen. Just click on Advanced options tab then click on Troubleshoot option.
  • Now, choose the advance options again and then hit the system image recovery tab
  • This will display a pop box for re-image your computer. Click on cancel button and then tap on the Next button.
  • Then click on Advance button and choose to install a driver. This will ask you to add drivers. So, hit the ok button and an open box will appear.
  • Now, under the System 32 folder, you need to search for the file with the name “UTILMAN”. If you can’t find this file under System 32, go to This PC, choose Local Disk (D:) and check for System 32 under Windows.
  • If System 32 is not under Local Disk (D:), go to Local Disk (C:), choose windows and then search for System 32. Now, under System 32, you will find the UTILMAN file.
  • Now, just rename it to UTILMANA and refresh. Next, click on Uvc Model. dil and search for the CMD file.
  • Once you find the CMD file, change the name of the file to UTILMAN and refresh
  • Click on cancel and go back to your operating system where you enter the password for your PC.
  • Here, you need to click on Ease of access icon located at the botton right corner and command prompt will appear. Type “net user” and hit enter.
  • Then type net, give space, type user, give space again and type your username and asterisk. Then hit enter and type the new password
  • Next, confirm the password and you are ready to login with new password.

How to reset a forgotten password in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a household name for anyone nowadays who have used computer at least once. It is an amazing Windows system that works very smoothly and is usually preferred by many users in a regular basis. If you have a laptop or computer then there is huge chance that you might be using Windows 10 for your daily use. This operating system is that common we want to convey. There might be slight here and there errors but you do not need to worry much because Microsoft team is always there to help you in case of any errors. If they are not there then its strong community is always there.

Forgotten password issue in Windows 10

You just forgot the password of your Windows 10 computer or laptop? It was during sign up process that you found that you are in trouble? There is nothing to worry in such cases because this operating system does not make your life harder after you forget the password to log in. It does not matter if you are using Microsoft account or a local account. You can access the process the access to recover the password very easily.

Windows account recovery

If you are using Windows 10 and cannot recollect your password details, then you should follow the following steps to recovery your account:

  • Click on I forgot my password in your Windows 10 PC login screen.
  • Confirm your email address and choose how you want to get your verification code.
  • Click on get code and check your text messages or email for the verification code.
  • Enter the code in the given field.
  • Create a new password and click on next button you find in the screen.
  • Windows will then confirm that your password is changed and you can return to your login screen and enter the new password you just created to login.

How to prevent yourself from facing Windows 10 forgotten password issue?

Although it is very easy to recover your account with Windows 10 but it is still advised to try some backup before you suffer that issue. The things you can do are:

  • A PIN can be created
  • You can also create a picture password
  • Have a security key
  • Fingerprint recognition can be done
  • Facial recognition can be another backup

With all these backup authentication methods of signing to Windows 10 being available you can implement a two step verification process. This way you will always be secured before facing this trouble.

How To Recover Windows 10 Password on Computer or Laptop

If you’ve forgotten your Windows 10 password, the easiest way to get back into your account is to reset the password for your Microsoft account. If you added security questions when setting up your local account for Windows 10, you have at least version 1803 and you can answer the security questions to sign back in

How to recover forgotten Windows 10 password

  • If you want to reset the password of Microsoft Windows, then you can easily reset it through Microsoft login.
  • You’ll need an Internet connection to reset a Microsoft computer password, so keep your laptop and computer connected to the Internet.
  • After doing all this, you have to go to the Windows 10 login screen, and then you have to click on I forget my password.
  • You will then need to type your Microsoft Account email address on the next screen and press Enter.
  •  Next, Microsoft will see if you are the owner of the account. You can then instruct Microsoft to send you a code by email or SMS.
  • If you’ve received the code, you’ll need to enter it in the Windows login screen. You will then be taken to the process of entering a new password.
  •  And then finally Windows confirms that the password has been changed. And now you have to click on the Sign in button, and return to the sign-in screen and then you have to enter your new password.
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