5 ways to troubleshoot if the printer won’t print

It is frustrating if the printing machine gives a negative reply after getting a print command. Don’t worry! It is a matter of knowledge only. Ensure You Have the Right Printer if you are facing difficulties in printing the documents. There are situations when a user gives a print command and get a message – the printer is unable to print. Are you a victim of the same issue? If the answer is yes, you first need to check whether the right printer is connected. However, this is not the final solution in this regard. We are sharing a set of reliable solutions to this problem – how do i get my printer to work again?

Is there a paper jam issue?

Check the paper tray if you are facing any trouble with your printer! Paper jam issue is considered as one of the most frequent issues faced by the users. Please check whether the paper is kept properly in a tray or not. If not, then fix the issue and check the printer is working or not.

Is there any hardware problem in the printer?

Your printer will not give you a proper result if there is any hardware issue in it. Hence, you are suggested to check the hardware settings of the printer. If there is any defect, please replace that part immediately.

Is your printer driver updated?

Updating the printer driver is another great way of resolving this issue. Your printer may not print if you have not updated the driver for a long time. Check the printer driver version and update it immediately! This is a genuine answer to your question, how do i get my printer to work again.

Clean the printer queue

Print queue often insists a printer in printing documents. If you have given so many instructions and those have jammed up inside the printer, you need to clean the queue to function the printer properly.

Does your printing machine have a proper connection?

A printer connection is another great reason behind the printer’s performance. If your printer is making any trouble, we request you to check the connection issue. If the printer is connected with Wi-Fi then make sure that the printer gets the proper network. 

How do you reset a printer connection

Caution: Resetting the printer’s network settings will remove any connections between the computer and the printer on the network. You will need to reinstall the printer software on each computer that you want to be able to access the printer.

Reset printer connection.

Using a printer via Wi-Fi is a good way to embrace wireless printing technology. Sometimes we may face problems while connecting the wireless printer to the computer. If it does then, you need to reset its network settings for the fresh installation. To reset the network settings of various wireless printers, follow the steps below to restore them to their default settings so that you can connect it to your computer, phone, iPad, or tablet

 Steps to Reset Printer connection

Here are some steps through which you can easily reset the connection of your printer.

  1. For printers without touch display

This includes deskjet, all-in-one, inkjet printers.

Pressing the ‘Cancel’ button to wake the printer from sleep mode

You have to press and hold your printer ‘Wireless’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

That’s all, your printer’s network settings will be successfully reset. If you have any confusion with above reset steps then watch this video tutorial for more details.

  1. For printers with touch displays

First go to the wireless or network settings menu, then find and select ‘Restore network defaults’ or and then ‘Restore network settings.

  1. for Laser Jet pro printer

To reset you printer connection, first press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button until you see the ‘Ready’ and ‘Attention’ lights blinking simultaneously.

  1. For Tango / Tango X printers

To reset the connection to the printer, press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button on the back of the printer for 5 seconds or until the blue edge light turns on.

You have seen the process of resetting the connection of 4 types of printers.

We hope that with our tips, you can easily reset your printer’s connection.

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