AOL Mail is the most popular and used Email application by many people across the world. However, the most frequently encountered issue with an AOL email account by users is AOL is not Working issue. This is a very common issue which easily fixes with troubleshooting solutions. Well, when users come across the problem, they need guidance on How to fix my AOL Email and Why AOL is not Working? Then that they will be able to login into their account.

So, if you are having issues logging into your AOL Email account and AOL is not Working or loading on your computer/laptop or mobile so don’t worry! Go through the given below presented troubleshooting solutions to solve the issue in an easy manner.

Why AOL is Not Working?

Here are mentioned few reasons behind the AOL is not Working or loading issue, such as:

  • Web Browser’s issue
  • Cache and Cookies issue
  • Network Connectivity issue
  • Internet Connection issue
  • Antivirus Protection or Firewall issue on your computer/device
  • Incorrect login credential issue
  • AOL email server unresponsive or slow to load

Solutions to Fix AOL is not Working:

It’s easy to fix AOL is not working with the best troubleshoot solutions. These are:

Solution 1: Verify Network Connectivity

First of all, confirm the Internet connection is properly working on your computer or mobile device. Ensure that if you have an unstable or slow Network connection, then AOL Mail would not load properly.

Solution 2: Check Network Connection

The next solution is that to check the computer or mobile device that you are using AOL Mail is connected to your network properly.

Solution 3:  Updated to the latest version Web Browser

Often AOL is not working or loading properly when your web browser is outdated. Then check whether your web browser is updated to the latest version. If not updated then update it quickly and work smoothly.

Solution 4: Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes cache and cookie issues might be the reason behind AOL Mail is not working and prevent AOL Mail from loading too or make it slower than usual. Then try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies on your browser.

Solution 5: Disable the Firewall or any Antivirus Protection

Try to disable the firewall or any antivirus protection on your computer/device, if you are using it. Every so often, antivirus applications might hinder the loading. Also, turn off antivirus protection to fix the AOL is not Working.

Solution 6: Access AOL Mail Account After Some Time

Sometimes, the AOL Mail server could be down. In some circumstances, you simply have to wait for a few minutes and then try again to access your AOL Mail account.

Solution 7: Restart the Web Browser

Still, AOL Mail is not working is not fixed after following the above solutions! Then you should try to restart your web browser. This procedure has worked phenomena for numerous of the users who confronted the AOL Not working or Loading issue. So, once you have restarted the web browser, then try to access the AOL Mail account again, and check if it working quickly.

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