In this generation of 21st-century things is going more digital day by day and finding new means for development and making the life of people easier. Besides growing digitally there is some instance where printouts are necessary. Printouts of official documents are necessary to have it on paper, the printout of documents help to keep a record of the documents in the file, a student needs to get pictures, certificate, printout for their project work, etc. The printout can also be done wirelessly through our smartphones or tablets. We can easily connect our Smartphone with our printer through the same WI-FI networks. Mobile printing can be easily done with the help of portable printers. For mobile printing just have look at the below options for connecting your phone with a printer.

Connecting of i-phone, android to printer

  1. I-Phone have the in-built option for connecting printers. You can easily get access to it by clicking upon the share button on the document.
  2. Android phones also have a built-in option for printing. But in case this option is not working then you need to download the “Google cloud” print app.


  1. Download the Google cloud print app from the play store or any web browser on your phone.
  2. After that you have to add a printer port to your device.
  3. Thenmake sure that both printer and phone are connected on the same WI-FI networks.
  4. Go to the settings to find the print option and add the printer.
  5. Once your printer is connected.
  6. Open the app we want to print and find the print option, in the menu bar displayed on the screen.
  7. Press the print command and your document or file is ready to print.

Mobile printing has made the life of people easier as just my seeing a document or by sitting in a distant place we can easily get the printout of our document.

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