Roadrunner is the one of the prominent email services having more than billion users worldwide. However, 90% people face the Roadrunner password issue on daily basis. Hence, whether your password is hacked or you forgot your password or want to change the password voluntarily, here the password can be reset easily in just few minutes with these facile steps below:

Steps for Roadrunner email password reset

  • First, browse through the Subscriber self card page on your favourite browser.
  • Now, type your email address linked to your Roadrunner email account and type the alphanumeric captcha code provided on your device screen to verify that you are a human and press the login button
  • Next, proceed to the user management tab and hit the change password tab.
  • This will re-direct you to the password reset page where you are required to enter the existing password first and then create a new password. Moreover, type your new password again to confirm and then save the changes by tapping on change password tab.

How to reset the password of a sub user account

Before proceeding to change the roadrunner password for a sub user account, you need to ensure that you have the correct login details of a master account as only the owner of master account can change or reset the password of a sub user account. Here are the steps for resetting the password of a sub user account:

  • As usual, login to the self subscriber page using your sun user account email address and current password.
  • Once you login successfully, go to the user tab and locate the change password option for this sub user account.
  •  Then click on it, submit your current password again, enter the new password and update the password by clicking on save button.
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