If you are a Windows computer user who encounters problems with your computer printer? Or your ‘Computer Can’t Find a Printer on Network’, and you are facing a lot of issues? Then don’t worry.  Follow the below given troubleshooting solutions to fix this problem.

Solutions to Fix Computer Can’t Find Printer on Network

Solution 1: Check If Printer is Off or Not Connected to the Computer

Firstly, verify if your printer is ON and has a live connection, shown via a green link light located at the back of your printer. Check if your printer is nearby shared by a manually connection with another computer! Then your computer should at the Windows login screen and a live network connection. If your printer shows or frozen or, then you should restart your printer promptly.

Solution 2: Check Network is Enabled on Your Computer

When ‘Computer Can’t Find a Printer on Network’ then you should check that ‘Network discovery’ enables your computer to view other computers and devices within an office network. If you find it is disabled, then you will require to turn it ON, otherwise, till then you can’t see all available network printers.

On your computer, go to the Start button, and then type “Network” in the Search box. Then choose “Network and Sharing Center”, and then Change advanced sharing settings” at the left and then expand the “Home/Work” network profile. Then hit on the “Turn on network discovery” and then the “Save” option.

Solution 3: Check Printware Software Is Not Corrupted/Updated

Sometime the problem ‘Computer Can’t Find a Printer on Network’ occur due to corrupted or not updated the printer software and in this duration, you can’t send document data for printing. Then you must check the printer driver is updated on your computer’s operating system. If it’s not, then you need to update your printer driver quickly.

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