How To Cancel YouTube Premium

If you want to Cancel YouTube Premium, which you have taken for a free trial, but you don’t know how to do it? Then you should not worry. You can do it with just a few steps easily. Therefore, below are mentioned simple steps to cancel YouTube Music Premium subscription on desktop and mobile, using the iPhone or Android app.

How to cancel your YouTube Premium Subscription?

We all enjoy ad free videos and movies with Youtube premium subscriptions but subscriptions can be burden sometimes. So, if you wish to cancel the subscription, then refer to this 2 minutes step-by-step guide and cancel your subscription in just a few clicks.

Steps to cancel YouTube Subscription on Android

  1. First, navigate to Youtube app on your android and click on your profile at the top.
  2. Then tap on Purchases and memberships tab and click on premium membership
  3. Here, you can either pause or cancel your subscription as per your preference. To pause the subscription, hit the deactivate button and if you wish to cancel the subscription then hit the cancel button, mention the reason for cancelling and confirm your cancellation.

Steps to cancel YouTube Premium Subscription on Chrome Browser

  1. Go to your browser and visit
  2. Then open your profile located at the top right corner and select the Purchases and memberships tab
  3. Then under your Youtube Premium subscription, tap on Manage membership and deactivate your subscription.
  4. If you want to cancel the subscription, click on continue to cancel, mention the reason for cancelling and confirm by tapping on Yes, cancel button.

Steps to cancel YouTube subscription on iPhone

The process to manage the Youtube subscription on an iPhone is quite different as you need to cancel your subscription from your iPhone settings and not from Youtube directly.

  1. First, navigate to your iPhone settings and click on your Apple ID displayed at the top row
  2. Once, your Apple ID screen appears, tap on iTunes &App store tab.
  3. Now, on iTunes & App store screen, click on your Apple ID again
  4. This will display a dialog box where you need to click on View Apple ID.
  5. Thereafter, you will land on account settings screen where you need to tap on subscriptions.
  6. Under the subscriptions tab, you will see a list of all your active and inactive subscriptions.
  7. Here, you need to click on the YouTube premium subscription you want to cancel
  8. And all the different options available for that subscription will appear.
  9. Click on the cancel trial option and a dialogue box will appear which shows the number of days for which the subscription is valid.
  10. You just need to tap the confirm button and the subscription will cancel.

For Desktop:

  • For Cancel YouTube Premium, go to the YouTube website with helping any web browser.
  • Then login into your YouTube account by entering account credentials.
  • At the top right corner, click on your profile, and then tap on the “Paid memberships” option.
  • Now you will see the YouTube Premium feature listed that you are paying as a paid membership page list.
  • Then tap on the ” Manage Membership” drop-down arrow on your Music membership’s tab.
  • After that pick a reason as to why you are canceling your YouTube subscription service.
  • Then click on the “continue to cancel” button.
  • Next, click on the “Yes, cancel” option.
  • Now your YouTube Premium subscription will be ended.

For iPhone or Android Device:

  • For Cancel YouTube Premium, launch the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • In the top right corner of the application, tap on your profile picture/
  • Then you will have to pick the option “Paid Memberships” from the new menu.
  • Now, in the YouTube Premium section, pick the option “Music”, and then “Manage”.
  • If you are on an Android, you will be asked to Pause or cancel the account or if you are using an iPhone, an in-app browser will open and be asked to sign in to your Google or YouTube account again.
  • Next, pick your Music subscription option again, and then tap on the “Deactivate”
  • Tap on the option ‘Yes” option to finally canceling YouTube Premium service.

How to cancel YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is Google’s way of entering every field where the Internet is used. It benefits from being a part of Google because it uses Google’s algorithm to make playlists that suites your taste buds. It also helps you discover new artists according to your interest too. So, when it comes to algorithms you cannot beat Google, therefore it is second to none. It also has all updated and newly released songs. It also supports all the features like downloading music etc. For taking benefit from some premium features of YouTube Music you need to be a paid member. By taking paid membership you also escape unnecessary ads.

Cost of the membership

The cost of the paid membership is just worth 9.99 USD per month. You can try it, and if you think it is not worth it then you cancel it anytime. Even after cancelling you can use the free version of YouTube Music. Here is how you can cancel your YouTube Music Premium, with ease.

How to cancel YouTube Music Premium?

  • First, visit your account.
  • Go to the paid membership page.
  • Then click manage membership under the music membership tab. There you will find deactivate button. Click on it.
  • YouTube next will offer you that you can pause the membership for 6 months. You can opt for that or cancel it.
  • YouTube will reconfirm if you seriously want to cancel. Click on yes and your subscription is cancelled.

This way you can easily cancel your YouTube Music premium subscription. To know more about how to cancel YouTube Music, please talk to the technical support engineers. These are technically skilled engineers and are known for their work ethics. If your concern is related to a configuration, functionality, or performance, just dial the helpline number. This is a universal helpline number that is known for its user-friendliness and high responsiveness. Backed by skilled professionals, the YouTube passenger care number is accessible from every city in the world.


How To Unlock Apple Id

Get an effective and quick guide to unlock Apple ID

Apple is most trusted device when it comes about the security, if you or someone tries to login to your account with incorrect information, Your Apple ID will get locked automatically to protect your data.
All of us are aware of the fact that Apple ID is used to access all of the services in any of its devices. So, in case it is locked then users will not be able to access most of the services into it. As a result of this many of the routine operations may get affected. The idea is to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Users can always unlock their Apple ID by following simple steps. They can get those simple steps via two different modes. One is through direct assistance which would be offered from the certified technicians that are available all through the day and all through the year. They will offer step by step guidance through email support, chat support, or phone support to unlock the Apple ID in one go. In case not there is also a manual procedure through which users can quickly and efficiently unlock their Apple ID. Users looking for the manual procedure to unlock Apple ID can simply do is move down the tutorial and follow the steps as mentioned below in order to quickly and efficiently unlock Apple ID. In case something is not being followed then users always get the privilege to directly connect with us and we would be happily assisting and resolving the query in one go and that too without any hassles or second thought all through the day and all through the year.

And now how to unlock Apple ID, well it’s quite easy.

2. Now enter your email address associated to your Apple ID.
3. Now go through the human verification, Enter the code to prove you’re not a robot.
4. After the human verification click on continue.

Now it will lead You to the another page, here it depends what type of security you have used to protect your device. In case of two factor authentication you will receive the code on trusted device, just enter that code and change your password.

Steps in order to quickly and efficiently unlock Apple ID:

Step 1: The first thing which the users would need to do in order to start the process of unlocking of Apple ID is visit in the respective device through which they are proceeding to unlock the Apple ID.

Step 2: Once the users are there onto the website in an effective manner then the next thing which the users would need to do is enter their Apple ID. In case users do not tend to remember then they can retrieve by entering their first and last name.

Step 3: Once retrieved the Apple ID then the next thing which the users can do is enter the characters or captcha as shown on the screen.

Step 4: Once the users have entered as it is onto the screen then users can simply click on the Continue button.

Step 5: Users would now be offered different modes through which they can recover their Apple id depending upon the security settings that may have been enabled by the users.

Step 6: Users can either choose F2A or security answer mode depending upon the ease and convenience to recover their Apple ID.

Step 7: Once done then users can now login with their Apple ID to enjoy uninterrupted services of Apple.

If You have used any security question to your Apple ID enter that and it will help you to change your password after few steps.

You can use your existing password as well to reset your password after visiting at

If you have used the old two factor- authentication method, then you have to enter the code which you received while setting the authentication to unlock your apple ID, in addition to a code sent to your trusted device.

Unlock Apple ID – Two factor authentication

You need a trusted device in this step, Enter trusted phone number to reset your Apple ID password and unlock your account.
You will get a recovery code enter that and you will regain the access to your account, don’t forget to put strong password this time.

Your Apple ID will remain locked After so many unsuccessful attempts and You can try again next day.

some tips to avoid hacking of your Apple ID

  • Don’t respond to phishing email some tips to avoid hacking of your Apple ID.
  • There can be number of emails pretending to be from Apple and will ask you to login to your Apple ID.
  • phishing emails are quite easy to catch as they will have poor spellings and bad grammar.
  • Always go to to login to your Apple account.

Spectrum Email Password Recovery

Spectrum Communications company provides versatile online mail services. Spectrum web email service is one of the famous email services, which preferred by billions of users across the world. However, in any circumstances, if you forget or lost the password of your Spectrum account, and you are unable to login into your account! Then you should not worry. It is easy to Spectrum Email Password Recovery with helping of your recovery options, i.e. Recovery/alternate email address or recovery phone number.

So let’s see the recovery procedure of Spectrum Email account.

Easy Steps to Spectrum Email Password Recovery:

Open any of your favorite web browsers, and in the search bar type “” to open the official page of Spectrum webmail.

At the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on the “Sign In” option.

Next, click on the “Forgot Email Password” link and then the “I don’t know my email password” option.

Then you will be prompted to enter your Roadrunner or Spectrum email address.

After that, you should tick the check box “I’m not a robot” option. Then click the “Submit” button.

Now you will need to provide the MAC address if you have not used the Password Reset Tool and then click on the “Submit”.

Then select a security verification question option as your recovery option and for the Spectrum Email Password Recovery process.

Now provide the correct answers to the security question that you had set up while the account creation.

After that press on the “Reset Password” option.

On the next page, you will view a new password.

Then copy the new password and change the password according to your choice.

Now you are done. Login into your account using a new password

In this way, you can easily and quickly finish the Spectrum Email Password Recovery process.

How To Reset Juno Email Password?

If you forget your Juno email password then you must remember few things. First, you will have to remember all your personal information and the second thing is that you should save while creating the new email account. On the other hand, if you need any kind of technical support for the password recovery process then you just call them at Juno email password reset number. Another thing is that you can also mail them to any famous for their troubleshooting techniques. Most of the users are searching on google how to Juno email password resetif you are also one of them then you no need to go anywhere because some steps are given below to reset Juno email password you just follow it and get back your account.

Step by step instructions are given below to reset Juno’s email password.

  1. First of all, you need to sign in with your Juno email password.
  2. Then click on the Juno icon which appears on the desktop and start the email option to connect.
  3. From that option you will have to select the password and security.
  4. Now you will have to provide the current password and after that, the new password has to be set.
  5. After proceeding with all the above steps now you will have to click on the OK option.
  6. By adopting all the above way you can change or reset your Juno email password.

Forgetting the email password is a very common problem and it can’t be avoided. But when you are using the Juno emaol service and need any kind of help then you are just a click away. Live supports are already very busy and filled with a lot of obligations always and in the middle of all that forgetting the email password can cause a lot of problems. It is always advised by the technical support to set the reset questions and answers very carefully so that one can recall them in the time of issues or crisis. With the help of Juno email password reset one can conveniently follow the procedure and reset the forgotten password.

Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working

If you are having a problem with your Google Hangouts or Google Hangouts has no audio, the Microphone is not working when you video chat? Then you should not worry about it. This issue occurs many times due to various reasons. Thus, to fix the Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working, here are mentioned the simple troubleshooting solutions.

Solutions to Fix Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working:

Solution 1: Verify your Hangouts Settings

Go to the upper side of your video call window, and click on the “Settings”.

Then check the right device is chosen for each setting. You can also change it using the Down arrow.

Verify the Microphone and speak out loud and request if the other person can hear you.

Solution 2: Set Sound Preference Pane

When you face the Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working issue that means those apps will require to be given permission to use those resources. You will require t go to Sound Preference Pane in System Preferences to be set using the PC internal microphone.

Follow the below given steps to do the same:

Click on the gray Apple in the finder menu bar, and then choose “System Preference” from the drop-down menu.

Tap on the “Sound Preference Pane”.

Press on the Input tab along the top of the window.

From the portion of the window that lists sound input devices, choose the “Internal Microphone” option.

Solution 3: Restart Your Computer and Call

You should exit from your call, and then rejoin the video call again.

Also, restart your computer.

Solution 4: Verify your Hardware

Still, Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working, then you should verify that your microphone as well as camera & speakers are plugged properly into your computer and turned ON as the microphone is not muted.

Also, verify that other programs on your computer are not using your microphone or speaker.

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved after performing the above solutions.

How To Reset Rocketmail Password

Are you searching “How to reset rocket mail password”?

This is just the right place for you!!

In the present scenario, we all are surrounded by so many apps, mail and social media accounts. Remembering passwords for all such accounts has become a burdensome process. Hence, I bring for you a streamlined approach on how to reset rocket mail password.

Follow the methods below to reset to rocket mail password:

Method 1: Recovery through mobile phone

This is the rapid password recovery method. Go to Forgot password and select the mobile number option. Yahoo will send a verification code on the number that you submitted at the time of creating a Yahoo account. Just submit that code and you will be provided with the option to reset your password.

Method 2: Password recovery by Google account

Under this, Yahoo will send a verification code on your Gmail id that you provided at the time of your yahoo account set up. You just need to log in to your Gmail Id, note down the verification code and submit.

Method 3: Answer security Questions

This method comes into the picture when you are unable to reset your password through the above methods. Under this, you need to answer some security questions such as your birth date, age, gender etc. The questions will be based on the information provided at the time of account set up. So at the time of setting up your account, be careful to submit the correct information.

Method 4: Contact customer support team

This is the most convenient option as customer service is available 24/7 for your assistance. Recovery issues can emerge in any of the above methods and hence customer service is present to help you at any step where you get stuck. You can reach out to customer support by an active helpline number or a live chat option.


How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working

Yahoo email is one of the most popular free email services used by users for personal and professional use. You can access the Yahoo Mail account on all types of devices such as Windows or Mac PC/laptop, Android, and iOS. It is easy to set up the Yahoo mail app on smartphone devices, However, sometimes users also face the problem of yahoo mail not working on their Android devices. But also, they resolved the issue quickly with troubleshooting solutions.

So, if you are a Yahoo user and you face the problem while accessing the Yahoo mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or iOS devices.

Solutions to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working Issue:

Solution 1: Verify Internet Connection

Firstly, verify that the internet connectivity is working fine or validate your mobile WIFI single range which enables the app to access the cellular data.

Solution 2: Verify Web Browser

You should try to open another page in your web browser and then open a Yahoo mail account just to check that the problem is related to your browser or not.

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Yahoo Mail App

Still yahoo mail not working, on your iPhone or iPad devices, so you must do the Uninstall and then Reinstall Yahoo Mail app on your devices again from the Apple Store.

Solution 4: Update iOS Firmware

Often yahoo mail not working on android phones due to outdated iOS versions. So, verify that iOS Firmware is updated with the latest version or not. Thus, follow the below steps to do the same.

Go to the iPhone Settings menu. Head to the “General” icon and tap on it to verify the latest software updates. If there is an update available for download, then download them promptly.

 Thus, after following the above steps you can easily fix the yahoo mail not working issue.

How To Delete Hotmail Account

If you have a Hotmail account that you no longer want, due to any reason, and you want to know the procedure how to delete Hotmail account? Then you don’t need to worry. The procedure of deleting a Hotmail account is very simple, but before you start you should remember that your email messages, files, and photos you have in OneDrive will be deleted after a 60-day waiting period.

Therefore, to delete your MSN or Hotmail account, you will need to delete your entire Microsoft email account. Thus, follow the below steps to do the same.

Easy Steps to Delete Hotmail Account:

  • Go head to the official Microsoft Account Login Page.
  • Then you will be prompted to sign in to your account.
  • Enter your Email or Phone which linked to your Microsoft account. Click on the “Next” button.
  • Next, you will need to enter your account password and then click on the “Sign In” button.
  • On the next page, you will be required to verify your identity by getting a verification code at your alternate/secondary email addresses that you had earlier provided.
  • Now enter your full secondary email address in the required field, and then click “Send code” to get verification at your email address.
  • Enter the code that you have received by email, into the required text field.
  • Go to the “Select a reason drop-down list”, you will have to choose the reason why you have preferred to delete your account.
  • Now, choose “Mark account for closure” to finish the Delete Hotmail Account procedure.
  • After that Microsoft will wait 60 days before permanently deleting your account.


NOTE: –   However, in case you switch your mind and desire to recover it. Then you can cancel the deletion procedure prior to the end procedure and you can simply log back into your Hotmail account within 60 days.

How To Reset Apple Email Password

If you are facing a login issue when you are trying to sign in to your Apple Mail account with your Apple ID password? If yes then you don’t need to bother about it. It’s a very simple Apple Mail Password Reset and regains access to your account.

Therefore, here you will learn how you can Apple Mail account password if you forgotten the password. Resetting your account password is easier with the help of recovery methods. You can follow the below-given steps to reset your Apple or iCloud password with your email address or security questions.

Easy Steps to Apple Mail Password Reset:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open any web browser and go to “”.
  2. Next, enter your Apple ID or Username in the text box, for which Apple ID you forgot the Password.
  3. After that tap on “my password”. Then tap on the “Next” button.
  4. Next you will view two options; “Get an email” option and “Answer Security Questions” option for Apple Mail Password Reset.
  5. If you select & tap on the recovery option “Get an email” then you will get the account reset instructions on your recovery/secondary email address.
  6. Or if you select & tap on the “Answer Security Questions” option then you will have to submit the correct answers to the security questions that you had set up, while your account was created.
  7. Choose one recovery option, and then follow on-screen instructions.
  8. Finally, you will reach a password reset page, and you will be able to set a new password for your account.
  9. Type a new password and re-enter the new password to confirm it in the particular fields.


NOTE:-  In this manner, you can complete the process of Apple Mail Password Reset, and the login into your Apple Mail account with a new password.

How to Install Brother Printer?

If you have just purchased a Brother printer and wish to prompt use it. Then you will first have to Install Brother Printer. Here you will learn the complete procedure on how you can install your printer without the CD-ROM.

1-Before you set up your Brother printer, ensure about the following things:

2-Firstly, check the manual user guide to ensure you don’t miss any material.

3-Notice the Wireless Network settings of your Wireless router/access point.

4-Place some paper in the paper tray to make a printing test after printing.

Easy Steps to Install Brother Printer:

Step 1: Install Ink Cartridges

Open your Brother printer front cover and remove all the packaging from the cartridges. Check the Ink cartridges quality else you may face the printing issue. After that printer will install itself then make a printing test. Press “OK” button from the control display panel.

Step 2: Download Brother Printer Software

  • Next, you will have to Install Brother Printer by going to its official website. Follow the below-given steps:
  • Open any web browser and in the URL type this link “”
  • Tap on “Downloads”. Then pick the right product category for your printer.
  • Choose a product series of your printer and the operating system of your PC/laptop.
  • Now download the complete package of drivers and software and agree to take the agreement.

Step 3: Installing the Printer Software

In the next step, you will have to open the installation program. Then pick the language that you wish to run the installation software. Then follow on-screen installation steps.

Step 4: Choose a Connection Way

Now you will have to connect your printer to WIFI using Brother software on your PC. Then pick WIFI Connection/Wireless connection and then the software will automatically set the connection, and then connect to your WIFI network.

Now the Install Brother Printer process has been successfully done. You can start printing.