How to Resolve Windstream Email Login Issues and other Email Problems

Are you aware of Windstream? It is parallel to any other email service providers by which you can send, receive and access emails. It is very easy to use and convenient. Here are some major issues and solutions one can face when tried log in to an email account. Internet connectivity can be an issue to face login trouble in your desired account. So cross-check your internet connectivity before log-in in to your account.

Web browser issue is one of the major issues associated with how to resolve Windstream Email Login Issues. Therefore, be careful when you face trouble during login in email account always check your browser is updated and working properly.

Fix Windstream Login Issue

Forget email username and password is one of the major reasons to face trouble in log-in to account. You need to reset your password by clicking Here in the drop-down menu, you will get an option of “My Account & Support” click on it. On the next page, you need to put your username and password and then click the tap “submit”. If your account username or password is wrong the service provider will reflect a message like “the email/password you’ve entered is wrong”. Now choose the “Trouble Logging In” link just below the login section. From the next page, you have to select the “Forget Username” or “forget password” option. Thereafter, you need to verify this account belongs to you by putting the answers which are being asked by the company to recover your account.

Fix Windstream not Working Problem

Server down problem is also an issue to get trouble in log-in. In this case, you need to wait until the company officials fixed the problem. Server Error is another big issue facing while log-in into your account. For fixing the server-related issue you need to follow these instructions like Incoming Mail Server-, Port SSL (993), Port -143, and the Outgoing Mail Server, Port 465 (SSL), Port – 587, Requires authentication – Yes.

Windstream Email Setup Issues

Subsequently, if you didn’t set up your Windstream email correctly then you may face an issue with log-in into your account. To get into, how to resolve Windstream Email problems, you need to follow simple steps by click on the Applications Tray and then select the “Email” option, then select the “Add Account” option, and in the required field enter your email user ID and password, and then you will see a “Next” button click on it. Now you need to select IMAP as your email account type. In Username, enter email address followed by password. For Incoming Server setting (IMAP) Recommended Port 993 (SSL) or Port 143 followed by Outgoing Server (SMTP), Port 465 (SSL), Port 587, or Port 25. Give a checkmark in your desired account options and then click on “Next”. You need to Enter a name for your account and then add your name and click on “Done”. Usually, by the above process, you can resolve the log-in issue easily. If this problem further persists, may call the technical assistant team.

How Do I Connect My Phone to My Printer?

In this generation of 21st-century things is going more digital day by day and finding new means for development and making the life of people easier. Besides growing digitally there is some instance where printouts are necessary. Printouts of official documents are necessary to have it on paper, the printout of documents help to keep a record of the documents in the file, a student needs to get pictures, certificate, printout for their project work, etc. The printout can also be done wirelessly through our smartphones or tablets. We can easily connect our Smartphone with our printer through the same WI-FI networks. Mobile printing can be easily done with the help of portable printers. For mobile printing just have look at the below options for connecting your phone with a printer.

Connecting of i-phone, android to printer

  1. I-Phone have the in-built option for connecting printers. You can easily get access to it by clicking upon the share button on the document.
  2. Android phones also have a built-in option for printing. But in case this option is not working then you need to download the “Google cloud” print app.


  1. Download the Google cloud print app from the play store or any web browser on your phone.
  2. After that you have to add a printer port to your device.
  3. Thenmake sure that both printer and phone are connected on the same WI-FI networks.
  4. Go to the settings to find the print option and add the printer.
  5. Once your printer is connected.
  6. Open the app we want to print and find the print option, in the menu bar displayed on the screen.
  7. Press the print command and your document or file is ready to print.

Mobile printing has made the life of people easier as just my seeing a document or by sitting in a distant place we can easily get the printout of our document.

How To Connect My HP Printer To Wi-Fi?

No matter whether you have a touch screen printer or not, HP wireless Printers can be easily connected to a Wireless network through a Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) or Wireless setup Wizard depending on your printer model.

How to connect HP printer via WPS?

For connecting an HP Printer using a WPS, you need a Wi-Fi router with a WPS push button, an HP Printer with a Wireless and cancel button and a Wi-Fi network that uses WPA password. To connect the HP printer to your Wi-Fi using WPS push button, keep the printer near your router and push the wireless and cancel button on the printer together for at least 3 seconds till the wireless light starts blinking. After this, push the WPS button on your router and wait. The blinking of blue light takes some time so wait till the blue lights on both the printer and router stops blinking. Once, the blue light on both printer and router stop blinking, this indicates that the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If in case the blinking of lights does not stop even after 7 minutes, reboot the printer and repeat the above process again.

How to connect HP printer via Wireless setup Wizard?

If there are no push buttons on the printer, then wireless HP printers are connected to a wireless network using the printer’s control panel. So, just switch on your printer and place it near the router. Then click on the wireless icon located at the bottom of the printer’s touch screen and navigate to printer settings. Thereafter, select network setup from the list and click on Wireless setup Wizard from the available Wi-Fi options. At last choose your Wi-Fi network, enter your Wi-Fi password and the printer will connect to your Wi-Fi.

How To Connect Your Roku Tv To Wifi Without Remote

In this post, you will learn How to Connect Your Roku TV To WIFI Without a Remote for the first time, if you don’t the process!

Therefore, Roku remotes use WIFI to connect to Roku players. So, in case if you drop your remote or it stops smooth working, then you may be not watching your shows. Fortunately, there is a bypass, to this that enables you to control your Roku TV using your Smartphone. Here is step-by-step guidance on how to use & connect your Roku device (TV) without remote control, even if you are on a new WIFI network.

However, but before going for the procedure on how to connect your Roku TV to WIFI without a remote, you will ensure that your smartphone having a good Internet connection.  Also, check if it runs on an Android OS if you are using a Smart Roku TV.

Easy Steps to Connect Your Roku TV To WIFI Without Remote:

  • Firstly, unlock your Android phone or iPhone and then go to “Settings”.
  • Then choose the ‘Mobile Hotspot’ option, then pick “Set up Mobile Hotspot” and hit on “OK’.
  • After that add the Wi-Fi network name and pick the Security mode (WPA2 PSK) and then save the Mobile Hotspot and then your Hotspot will be activated.
  • Next, go to Google Play Store app and then download & install the Roku app on your Phone.
  • After installing the Roku app, open it on your device. Tap on the “Remote icon” presented at the lower side of the screen. Now use the keys presented on the remote layout to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • In the “Settings menu”, find your exact Wireless Network.
  • Now provide the passcode or security keys appropriately, and then tap the Connect option.
  • Now your Roku TV or device is now connected to the WIFI without Remote.
  • In this, way, it is very easy to how to connect your Roku TV to WIFI without a remote.

What are the Steps to Connect Your Roku TV to Wi-Fi without Remote?

American company Roku involves in the hardware digital media players whose services are widely used by customers all across the world. It is best known for offering streaming media t to its users and helps to reduce the cost as it popularizes in low-cost, set-top boxes and many more are its most frequently used mediums. Roku has launched 9th generation services till yet which is highly used and appreciated by users all across the globe.

If you are looking for the most demanded steps for connecting Roku TV to Wi-Fi without With the help of your remote then you should get in touch with the following steps mentioned below:-

  1. First of all from the setting menu on your phone, you have to click on Mobile Hotspot and then open the Hotspot menu
  2. Now you will be prompted with the message to continue
  3. Now from the Mobile Data usage, click on continue
  4. You can see the option from the Mobile Hotspot menu, you have to add the WIFI network which is saved in your Roku device
  5. Now clearly enter the network name and scroll down to enter the accurate password
  6. You have to now save your Mobile Hotspot
  7. Check the settings again and the connections instructions too
  8. Now click on OK to activate the Mobile Hotspot

By following the above steps thoroughly you can easily connect your Roku TV to Wi-Fi without any remote very easily but still facing any issues then get connected with the most renowned and always available technical support team who troubleshoot your issues by providing maximum assistant and resolve your every query by presenting 24*7 services all the time so that you can always enjoy the services day and night.

Connect Apple Watch To Peloton

In this post, here is mentioned how to connect apple watch to pelotonquickly & easily. Therefore, Apple GymKit is an Apple platform that permits to connect your Apple Watch to the Peloton Bike+. Apple Watch will help to track your heart rate monitoring, calories, distance traveled during the workout. Therefore, follow the below-given steps to connect apple watch to Peloton bike:

Easy Steps to Connect Apple Watch To Peloton Bike:

Step 1: Enable the Watch’s Gymkit

On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch App.

Next, open the “Workout” App.

Then enable the “Detect Gym Equipment” tab.

Step 2: Open Peloton Tablet

Open your peloton Tablet.

Then pick Peloton Cycling class whether on-demand or live classes.

Now tap on the “Start” option to begin the class.

Step 3: Apple Watch Connect to the Peloton

For connect apple watch to peloton, tap the “Unlock” on the Apple Watch towards the left. Then tap “Ok”.

Step 4: Start the Workout.

Tap on “Start” on the workout.

Next, a logo will appear at the upper-right, signifying the connection is active. Tap on “Start”.

Now enjoy your Apple Watch as it will automatically disconnect at the end of the ride.

Once you have done the above steps, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download the Peloton App

On your iPhone, go to the Apple App Store, download the Peloton app.

Then either simply type “Peloton” on the search bar or scroll down via the diverse available apps.

Step 2: Open the Peloton App

Open the Peloton App, and go to the bottom-right, tap on the “More” option.

Choose the Apple Watch option from various options.

Step 3: Install the Apple Watch App

Tap on the Apple Watch option, click on the “Set Up button.

Tap on the “Install” button to install the Watch app.

Step 4: Complete the Connection

Open the peloton app and log into your peloton account then set the place on for your Apple Watch to track correctly.

That’s all about the process of connect apple watch to peloton.

How To Recover Disable Apple Account?

Enter your Apple id username

On the I forgot website enter your Apple id username.  This is usually the email address that you were used to create your Apple id, what it is by looking at your Apple devices you can find out.

·         First of all, you need to go to the settings on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and tap on your name.

·         If you are a Mac user then you should go to the Apple menu then system preferences and apple id.

Alternatively, you open the app store, iTunes, or Apple music and look for your Apple id username inside those applications. If you still do not know your Apple id username then try to sign in with any old email address which you were used in the past.

2.       Enter your personal details

Apple might be asked by you to answer security questions or enter a phone number connected to your account. If you have your own iPhone then this is not necessarily the same phone number you use for your mobile. To verify your identity with Apple you need to answer these security questions. If you are unable to give the answer to your security questions then you should contact directly from Apple support.

3.       To unlock your disabled Apple id use your Apple device

To your connected Apple devices Apple tries to send a notification. If you have used your device, unlock it and tap on allow the option to unlock you disable Apple id. Or you can also do this to enter a verification code or follow prompts to reset your password if someone else was attempting to access your account. Hopefully, you have unlocked your Apple id. If you are failed to unlock your Apple id then keep following the below instructions for more help.

4.       To unlock your disabled Apple id you can use a verification code

If you did not get a notification then click on the option of unable to use the device. This prompts Apple to text a six-digit verification code to the phone number which is registered to your account.  Apple might be asking for your recovery key. When you activated two-step authentication on your account this is a long code Apple created. At that time, Apple would have prompted you to print it out and keep it safe.  You just enter the requested codes which were followed by your Apple id password, to unlock your account.

How To Recover The Icloud Account Password?

Don’t get disappointed if you forget your iCloud account password as here I bring a step by step guide to assist you in iCloud account password recovery!

How to recover the iCloud account password on iPhone?

Well, you can recover your iCloud/Apple ID password on your iPhone via two methods:

  1.  Recover iCloud password with iPhone passcode
  • To start with open your iPhone settings app and tap on [yourname]
  • Select Passwordandsecurity and tap on the Changepassword tab
  • Now, type your iPhone 6 digit passcode and then enter a new password, verify your new password and confirm.
  • If you haven’t set up a passcode then follow the second method below
  1. Recover iCloud password via Two-step verification
  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on [yourname]
  • Again select Passwordandsecurity and enable the Two-stepverification
  • Then enter the verification code sent on your iPhone messages and submit.
  • Now, create a new password, confirm the new password and sign in to your iCloud account.

How to recover the iCloud account password on Mac/desktop?

Step1: Visit on your preferred web browser

Step 2:Enter your Apple Id and click continue.

(Note: If you don’t remember your Apple Id then click on lookitup and then enter your first name, last name and email Id and you will find your Apple Id)

Step3: Now, enter the phone number associated with your iCloud account

Step4: Apple will send a notification on your linked phone number. Tap “allow” in the notification sent on the same phone number and then set a new password for your iCloud account.

(Note: If you don’t have access to your phone, then use some other trusted device to get a verification code for your iCloud account password recovery)

How To Connect Spotify To Discord

Want to listen to Spotify music while chatting on Discord?

Then link your Spotify account with Discord in 1 minute here!!

The Discord app offers a lot of features to its users and one such amazing feature is Spotify music. Yes, whether you wish to do any celebration with your friends on Discord app or just want to enjoy music together, you can easily stream and enjoy the Spotify music on the discord app.

You only need to have access to the login credentials of your Spotify account and then you can easily add your Spotify account to Discord and enjoy unlimited free entertainment on discord app with your friends. However, you can connect only one Spotify account at a time. If you wish to add another Spotify account to Discord, then the existing Spotify account needs to be removed first and then the other account can be added.

Quick steps to connect spotify to Discord on iPhone

  • First, launch the discord app and tap on your profile icon
  • There you need to select Connections tab from the account settings
  • On the connections page, you will find ADD Button at the top of the page.
  • Just click on the ADD button and choose Spotify from the available connections list.
  • This will prompt you to enter the login details of your Spotify account. So, just complete your login process, tap the Done option and you’re the Spotify account is linked to Discord.

In you want to join your friends to listen to music on Discord, then other persons must also have a Spotify premium account, otherwise they won’t be able to listen to Spotify music on Discord. To invite people to listen music on Discord, you need to first visit the particular channel on which you want to run Spotify , tap the plus option in the text box and then tap on send invite button.

How To Delete Aol Account


When it comes to the safest and delighted email experience people usually prefer an AOL account, which saves your data, contacts, and any other important document using the most authentic way.

It provides Spam free and virus-free protection to your data, with the services of Automatic Spell check. AOL users found it very much friendly as it is compatible with Gmail and Hotmail accounts.  




Before deleting the AOL account you have to make sure that your important contacts, documents, and emails are already transferred to the safe account as an AOL account usually deletes permanently only.


  1. First of all, open the AOL webpage from the browser and log in to the account using the credentials.
  2. Once logged to the AOL page clicks on the menu and scroll down to check the “My Account Option” which takes you to the service page of the email.
  3. At the left side of the AOL Page, click on Manage My Subscriptions which is located just below my account option.
  4. On the right side, click on Cancel Option which directly cancels the subscription.
  5. Afterward, select Cancel AOL at the lower side of the window (Cancel window will pop up).
  6. As soon you click on the Cancel Button, your AOL account will delete


Using the above simple guided steps you can easily delete your AOL account, or if you face any issue while deleting never miss the chance to get in touch with the customer care team who always assist you in the hardest times too.


Reach the most authentic team by dialing the Toll-Free Number who are available 24*7 at your services or through the live chat assistance in order to get you the most reliable and generous services of all time.

How Do I Recovery My Hacked Yahoo Email Account

Is your Yahoo mail account hacked?

We are here for your rescue!

Just like a coin technology also has two sides. So don’t panic if your Yahoo mail account is hacked as here I bring a step-by-step guide to answer your question “how do I recover my hacked Yahoo mail account?”

Account recovery on desktop:

  • Visit the Yahoo login page on your web browser
  • Then find and click on Trouble signing in? Tab at the screen bottom.
  • Then submit your recovery phone number or email address linked to your Yahoo account
  • Tap on Yes, send me a verification code or yes, send me the account key.
  • Open your mobile messages or email, then enter the 8 digit verification code in the text box on the Yahoo page and confirm your verification.
  • Then create a new strong password of a minimum of 16 characters as long passwords are unlikely to get hacked.
  • Then again sign in to your account, check your inbox and clear your spam.

Account recovery on mobile:

  • Install Yahoo Mail from the play store on your mobile.
  • Open Yahoo mail and on the upper left corner tap on your account
  • Go to Trouble signing-in and enter your recovery mail
  • Submit the verification code sent to this mail.
  • Once Yahoo verifies you, it will provide you with the option to reset your password
  • Now, create a new password and secure your account.

If you don’t have access to your recovery mail or phone number then choose to answer some security questions such as birth date, pet name etc that were created at the time of account set up for future verification. Then choose to create a new password.

Note: Keep changing your Yahoo mail passwords every month to prevent further hacking of your account.