How do I Speak to Someone at Facebook

Facebook is the most renowned social media platform which accessed by millions of numbers of users to connect with their friends or family members, all across the world. Moreover, many professionals use it to appreciate its services and features. However, sometimes the Facebook account users may come across issues while accessing Facebook account & use its services. For this reason, the users may search ‘How do I speak to someone at Facebook’ to resolve the problem which occurs while using the Facebook account.

So, if you are also fronting any problem assessing your Facebook account and require expert’s assistance to fix it! Then do not apprehension. You can get direct help by contacting the customer service representative team at Facebook, which is available round the clock for user assistance. The experienced Live person will listen to your issue and provide you an accurate and comprehensive guide to get resolved the issue immediately.

Facebook Problems Easily Fixed by Experts:

  • Facebook account login problem
  • Facebook account password recovery issue
  • Business Development & Advertising issue
  • Facebook account hacked or blocked
  • Create a Facebook Business page issue
  • Managing Facebook account settings and many others

Quick-Step to Connect & Speak to Someone at Facebook:

‘How do I speak to someone on Facebook? It is very easy to contact and speak with the Facebook customer service experts through the below-given methods:

Method 1: By Calling Phone Number

You can speak to someone on Facebook promptly by calling on a phone number, available 24/7 hours. The highly experienced live Person will bring you the best determination to fix your Facebook issues that are troubling you.

Method 2: By Live Chat Support

The other method is to connect with the live persons on Facebook through Live Chat support. There you can discuss any type of Facebook account glitches with Live Chat Person, and get the comprehensive solution and accurate guidance to them.

That’s it.


How do I transfer my SBCGlobal Email to Gmail

SBC GLOBAL is a domain name which is being appeared in many people’s emails addresses. It is like any other email we generally used on daily basis. Through this user can send or receive an email. Through this one can also send files, pictures and documents by attaching them in the mail. It will also provide the facility to save emails to the draft, this facility saves time and partially drafted content. In this, one can write an email and can send it to multiple users as well. This email domain refers to SBC communication which was formally known as Southwestern Bell Corporation. The company has been merged with AT & T in the year of 2005. After 2005, the email accounts used AT& T email addresses as their Domain name.

Sometimes, it happens, when the SBC GLOBAL account is not working properly. It may cause due to various reasons. It may cause some network issue or some other technical issue. If any user wishes to transfer his/her SBC GLOBAL email account to a Gmail account can be possible. Here are some ways through which one can easily transfer their SBC GLOBAL email account to a Gmail account. Here is how do I transfer my SBCGlobal Email to Gmail without any technical difficulty.

1- A user needs to open any preferred browser

2- Open Gmail account and enter username followed by the password

3- Once it opens the Gmail account, he/she needs to select the cogwheel icon

4- It is available in the top-right corner

5- Then the drop-down menu will appear

6- Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu

7- In the Settings option, the user will need to select the option “add account”

8- Thereafter, he/she is supposed to put the SBC GLOBAL email address

9- It will enable him/her to change the POP setting from the server setting option

10- The POP will be 995

In addition to this, a user needs to select the option check the box next to the ‘‘Leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server.’ option. By enabling this option, the Gmail Account will prevent deleting the mails of the SBCGLOBAL Account. After that, one must press tap “Add Account” option to complete the transfer of emails from SBC GLOBAL account to the Gmail account. How do I transfer my SBCGlobal Email to Gmail? Interestingly, the process is so easy and simple. For this, no need to install any external software or something others to migrate SBCGLOBAL Account to a Gmail account.

It is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. No technical knowledge is been required for this SBCGLOBAL account to Gmail account transfer process. One new user also can do the process easily. By this transfer process, no data or emails are being lost from the original account. By following these steps, one can change or transfer his/her SBCGLOBAL account to a Gmail account. If you find it difficult to transfer your account, we suggest you contact the customer care number. The technical support team is working 24 hours, 7 days to help their customers.

How do I Speak to Someone at Outlook to fix Email not Working

Outlook has become a top-notch emailing platform because it comes with multiple features and a smooth sending & receiving email facility. But, sometimes users face difficulties when Outlook email doesn’t respond then, what should be do?

If you are facing a similar issue so for your kind information, you can directly speak to someone at outlook through very little effort. The helpdesk center of outlook is very powerful and you can solve any harder to easy glitches with a highly talented and knowledgeable technical support executive. Just follow the below-presented steps and learn How Do I Speak to Someone At Outlook To Fix Email Not Working?

Problems Occurred when Outlook Email not working:

  • Due to the password lost or forgotten issue.
  • Outlook Email not responding on Google or another web browser.
  • Outlook email account not working due to the authentication issue.
  • Outlook application is not opening on Android or iPhone.
  • Outlook account has been blocked or hacked etc.

Therefore, if you are getting any above-given issue and your outlook email account is not working so you can directly connect to someone at the outlook and get immediate assistance.

Ways Connect to Someone at Outlook to fix Email not Working:

There are plenty of ways to connect Outlook customer helpdesk where any user can take prompt support such as:

Way 1: Phone Support:

Users need to dial the helpline number which is available 24X7 and connects with someone at outlook & get instant support. Over the phone call, users can discuss their outlook email not working related issues and the highly experienced expert will give comprehensive and hassle-free solutions without wasting your precious time.

Learn how to connect directly with Outlook live person via phone number?

Initially, just open any web browser then, visit the ‘’ outlook support website.

  • Sign in to your outlook account via credentials.
  • Then, hit on the ‘Contact support’ and a pop-up will display on your computer screen.
  • If the pop-up will appear on the display screen.
  • Select the ‘Call’ option and dial the helpline number.
  • Share your issue and get prompt help.
  • Way 2: Chat Support:

Users can also take the complete assistance for Outlook email not working issue. Just connect with the live chat facility offered by outlook and get the perfect help from the live chat person.

Way 3: Email Support:

The outlook email support feature is also very popular because here you will get instant revert with proper problem-solving demonstration. To get an instant connection, just write your issue on composing box and send an email to the outlook email address. The user will get the revert within 48 working hours with a proper explanation.

Way 4: Get Solution via Outlook Forum:

  • This is also a very simple way where you must find your answer on the forum. Let’s see the below presented complete procedure.
  • Firstly, just visit the ‘’ outlook forum page.
  • Login to your outlook account and keep your question under the search box.
  • Get plenty of answers which was submitted by the expert, and you can also keep your question there.
  • The outlook expert will revert to your questions.

How to Contact Someone at Adobe

Get Connect Adobe Customer Support Team To Quick Fix Issue With Best Solution

Adobe Inc. is one of the most famous software companies globally, as it provide wide range of inventive multimedia products such as Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Acrobat Reader, and many others. However, but sometimes it is probable that users may come across the issue or errors while running the software. Then they find the ‘How to Contact Someone at Adobe?’ Thus, in such a situation, the users can get assistance by contacting the Adobe Customer Support team, who are available 24 hours for user’s assistance.

So, in the event, you are fronting problems in using Adobe Services. Then you can opt for receiving prompt help from the Adobe customer service team. You can visit the official Adobe page to avail of phone support and live chat support or you can agents of Adobe customer support and receive comprehensive help to fix issues.

Easy Methods to Contact the Adobe Customer Service Expert:

Method 1: Live Chat Support of Adobe Customer Service

You can get Adobe live chat support through specialists at the Adobe Support page by choosing Live Chat support, which is available 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

Therefore, go to ‘’, then click on the ‘Sign in’ option on the right side, and then signing into your account by entering Adobe ID and password. At the top click the ‘Support’ link, and select ‘Contact Adobe’. Then choose and click on the ‘Chat’ option, and it will help to open the chat window. Then the live chat support person will come online, where you can share your issue related to Adobe products & services and avail the best assistance to resolve it.

Method 2: Phone Number of Adobe Customer Service

You can contact the customer support person of Adobe through phone number, which is working 24*7/365 days. Know the answer to the question, ‘How to Contact Someone at Adobe’ if you are stuck in a difficult situation? However, by contacting over the phone number and you connect with one of the highly experienced experts of Adobe customer service and can discuss your Adobe issues and get instantly accurate solutions.

Steps to Contact Someone from Adobe Support:

  • Visit the official website of Adobe that is ‘Adobe.Com’.
  • Go to the right side, and click on the ‘Sign in’ option.
  • Enter your registered Adobe ID and password and click on ‘Continue’.
  • At the upper side, tap on the ‘Support link’, and then pick the ‘Contact Adobe’ option.

Follow on-screen instructions and choose & click on the ‘Phone’ option which appears with a phone number that you can dial. After contacting the representatives and get quick assistance to fix your issues.

Method 3: Chat with the agents of Adobe Customer Support

You can also take chat service with the agents of Adobe Customer Service and share your difficulties. The customer support agents of Adobe are enthusiastic about giving the best services to users to get rid of all their worries in a very short time. Thus, you can call Adobe Customer Support professionals anytime from anywhere and converse your Adobe products & service-related queries and receive quick assistance & solutions to them.

That’s it all about ‘‘How to Contact Someone at Adobe’? through easy methods.

Why My Outlook Is Not Sending Emails

E-Mails not sending and receiving are quite a common problem on Outlook. Many times you compose your email and click on send button but your email is stuck in the outbox only the person to whom you are sending the email has not received the email. Why my outlook account is not sending an email can be because of a number of reasons the simple answer to this problem is to make changes in your settings. Here are some of the reasons why you are not able to send emails on outlook.

When you receive an error message while sending your emails

Many times there is a communication problem between outlook and your outgoing email and your email remains in outbox this is because Outlook is not able to connect to your mail server to send it.

Here are some points you need to remember and check them-

  1. Check that your internet service provider does not block the port number that you are using for outgoing mail.
  2. make sure that your mail server settings are up to date many times mail server providers change the port number or authentication method which is used to send an email on outlook.
  3. Check your email address provider and make sure didn’t exceed the hourly/daily email send quota.
  4. If your internet connection is slow to make sure your outbox emails do not include very large attachments.

 When you don’t receive an error message while sending your emails

When only some of the emails are not sent by outlook make sure that your emails should be unread otherwise, an email which is not sent by an outlook remains in your outbox. check the outbox-

  1. The emails which are bold and italic are ready to send
  2. Emails  that are marked bold are only read
  3. Emails that are not marked bold and italic only those emails are read and edited. Outlook will send only those emails that are unread other emails will be stuck in the outbox only.

When the outlook is not sending any of your emails that are marked unread then the following points you need to keep in mind-

  1. Make sure that your  outlook account is not at the offline mode you can check it through send/receive ribbon (toolbar) button
  2. Check that your antivirus on your device that scans your outbox emails and doesn’t allowing send your emails. just disable your antivirus protection and then  sent your emails if the email sends then just check your antivirus and prevent it from scanning your outlook outbox emails.
  3. Make sure that your outlook data files are not corrupted just scan your file with the help of the Outlook Scan PST tool.

Ways to fix outlook not sending emails on outlook 2019-2016

  1. Move the emails stuck in the outbox to the draft folder.
  2. In the draft folder opens the email and clicks on the send button.
  3. Check that the email is sent or is still in the outbox folder.

Check your internet connection

 Make sure that your connection to the internet connection and working online on outlook.

  1. Have a look at the lower right corner of the outlook window if you disconnected working offline you are not connected to your email server
  2. Click on send/receive button on the ribbon
  3. In preference, the group clicks on work offline. Now you can see that you are connected to your email server.
  4. In send and receive group click on send and receive all folder button.
  5. Check that your email is sent or still in your outbox.


 If you receive an error message for a size file limit the size of your file Make sure that the, if any attachment send through email, should be no more than 20 megabytes for internet account  such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. for exchange files it should not be more than 10 Mb.


 If you have changed your password online, you need to change it on outlook as well otherwise, your emails will not be sent.

  1. Click on the file and select the account setting option.
  2. From the account, setting click on the email tab.
  3. Now choose your email account and click on the change button. Enter the new password in the password box and click on the Next button.
  4. Then lose the file and press on finish button.
  5. Select send /receive button on the upper left corner of the outlook window press f9 and try to send your email.

Sometimes it is possible that your outlook application is damaged use Microsoft office repair to fix it.

Fixing of outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 in Windows 10

  1. Close all Microsoft office applications.
  2. From the windows menu select   App and features.
  3. From the list of installed apps click on Microsoft office.
  4. If the user account window appears asking “do you want this app to make changes to your device” click on modify after that hit on YES, button.
  5. Page displayed on-screen select online repair from repair menu.
  6. After completion of the repair process restart your outlook account and try to send your emails.

How to fix Gmail not Sending Emails and Resolutions for Why Emails are not Sending

Gmail is one of the most popular free online email good services providers in the whole of the world. It is provided by the Google. It is providing massage services such as sending and receive emails, create an address, block spam and well perform other basic email features. Now a day everyone used email for personal purposes. This Google product also helps to sends your important newsletter, important reminders, magazine subscriptions, job interviews, and any other things simply delivered to you through the email service. You easily create on Gmail account and used it to your benefit. You can install the app on your Android phone.

What is the reason for Gmail not sending Emails?

There are many reasons for Gmail not sending emails. Most probably the problem is your server. You can check your server and your email will go to your outbox, get sent eventually. Make sure to follow the solutions we listed below:

Check-double recipients and email details

Sometimes the behind an email not getting sent is a human error. You must be the check your email address to be perfect. You can double-check your recipient’s email address on your device. Even one misplaced letter cloud causes your email to get stuck in the Outbox.

Check your server properly

If you are using a Gmail account and Gmail does not work properly, check your server properly. It ensures that SMTP/POP servers are using appropriate ports.

Clear the cache and data

When you resolve the usual issues with third-party apps on Android, the best way is to clear the locally stored cache and data. There are stored to keep your files and increase the loading speeds. You can follow these instructions to clear cache and data from Gmail on Android. Firstly open the setting and choose Apps. Then open App Manager and locate Gmail, go to Tap storage. Now clear cache and data and again open Gmail and try sending emails. It is a reliable way to fix Gmail not sending emails.

Reinstall Gmail app

Another way is to reinstall Gmail on your Android phone:

  •   Go to the settings
  •   Tap Uninstall or updates
  •   Now open the play store
  •   Again install Gmail your device

Remove the Google Account

Another great way to deal with Gmail and other Google products/services is the device reset. Here are the steps to be followed.

  •   Go to the settings
  •   Choose your Gmail accounts
  •   Select Google
  •   Tap more and remove the Google account
  •   Again sign in your device

Why is Email not sending?

Email sending is unfortunately are a common problem. Your mail is not sending the cause is probably related to your server. There are some reasons are emails not sending. Check your email addresses are correct. The message will not be sent if the message contains wrong. An incorrect SMTP setting could be a solid reason behind this issue. Please verify the settings, if you are using the incorrect server address or authentication method may prevent emails from being sent. You should also check your offline status. Check on the send and received message button. Then you are offline, please go online. You should now be again starting your work.

How do I fix my AOL Email and Why AOL is not Working

AOL Mail is the most popular and used Email application by many people across the world. However, the most frequently encountered issue with an AOL email account by users is AOL is not Working issue. This is a very common issue which easily fixes with troubleshooting solutions. Well, when users come across the problem, they need guidance on How to fix my AOL Email and Why AOL is not Working? Then that they will be able to login into their account.

So, if you are having issues logging into your AOL Email account and AOL is not Working or loading on your computer/laptop or mobile so don’t worry! Go through the given below presented troubleshooting solutions to solve the issue in an easy manner.

Why AOL is Not Working?

Here are mentioned few reasons behind the AOL is not Working or loading issue, such as:

  • Web Browser’s issue
  • Cache and Cookies issue
  • Network Connectivity issue
  • Internet Connection issue
  • Antivirus Protection or Firewall issue on your computer/device
  • Incorrect login credential issue
  • AOL email server unresponsive or slow to load

Solutions to Fix AOL is not Working:

It’s easy to fix AOL is not working with the best troubleshoot solutions. These are:

Solution 1: Verify Network Connectivity

First of all, confirm the Internet connection is properly working on your computer or mobile device. Ensure that if you have an unstable or slow Network connection, then AOL Mail would not load properly.

Solution 2: Check Network Connection

The next solution is that to check the computer or mobile device that you are using AOL Mail is connected to your network properly.

Solution 3:  Updated to the latest version Web Browser

Often AOL is not working or loading properly when your web browser is outdated. Then check whether your web browser is updated to the latest version. If not updated then update it quickly and work smoothly.

Solution 4: Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes cache and cookie issues might be the reason behind AOL Mail is not working and prevent AOL Mail from loading too or make it slower than usual. Then try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies on your browser.

Solution 5: Disable the Firewall or any Antivirus Protection

Try to disable the firewall or any antivirus protection on your computer/device, if you are using it. Every so often, antivirus applications might hinder the loading. Also, turn off antivirus protection to fix the AOL is not Working.

Solution 6: Access AOL Mail Account After Some Time

Sometimes, the AOL Mail server could be down. In some circumstances, you simply have to wait for a few minutes and then try again to access your AOL Mail account.

Solution 7: Restart the Web Browser

Still, AOL Mail is not working is not fixed after following the above solutions! Then you should try to restart your web browser. This procedure has worked phenomena for numerous of the users who confronted the AOL Not working or Loading issue. So, once you have restarted the web browser, then try to access the AOL Mail account again, and check if it working quickly.

How to fix Apple TV not connecting To WI-FI?

As from the name of the device it makes clear sense that Apple TV is a digital media player which is developed and sold by Apple Company.  This is a small appliance and entertainment device that receives digital data for visual and audio content such as music, video, games, etc. plays on your connected television set. Apple TV is a complaint source device from HDMI.  To get things displayed on screen it is necessary that must be connected to a high-definition widescreen television or HDMI cable. This is a remote base operating device. Apple TV runs along software application preinstalled with system software on the device or you can simply download the apple tVOs app with help of an internet connection on your device. Major online content sources for Apple TV apps include subscription services for streaming television and film, cable and broadcast connections. WI-FI network connectivity also uses to display content purchased or rented directly from the Apple I-Tunes store or shared from macros or windows computers running I-Tunes.

Apple TV not connecting To WI-FI?

If your Apple TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi here are some of the steps you need to follow-


  • First of all find out how to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Click on the settings menu and search for networks.
  • Or on Apple TV 4th generation on, go to the setting menu select the general option and click on the network (settings>General>network).
  • Choose the compatible WI-FI network to join .enter your password to connect.
  • Apple TV does not connect to captive networks, which requires additional or secondary login, the captive network can be free or paid in places such as business, educational institutions, hotel, airport, railway station, Mall, conference halls, offices, etc.
  • After that make sure that your internet router is connected to the modem and both are turned on if both of them are combined they must be turned on.
  • Try to keep your Apple TV within 30cm of your router. Try to avoid any disturbance in the path of the wireless signal.
  • For good experience directly connect your Apple TV to the modem with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Now, restart your Apple TV, router and modem if still you need help then go to setting option >system and select restart. On Apple TV go to settings>general>restart.
  • Unplug your router, cable, and modem from the power and after few seconds plug in all the devices back.
  • Connect to your Apple TV with router, cable, and modem through Ethernet cable.
  •    Your Apple TV will be connected either to WI-FI or Ethernet. If you are using an Ethernet cable Apple TV is automatically connected to it rather than a WI-FI network.
  • After connecting update your software settings. Go to the setting menu select system and update your software or on Apple TV go to settings>general> update software. Install all the updates.
  • Then unplug your Ethernet cable and your device gets automatically connected to WI-FI network.

If still you facing a problem with “Apple TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi”then call the agents from the service center they will guide you or do it for you.  You can also contact our experts through the phone they will assist you or have a live chat or sessions with them you can also, take the help from YouTube as per instruction mentioned by them just follow it and you are easily able to connect your Apple TV to WI-FI networks without much effort.

How Do I Contact Roadrunner Live Person?

Time warner cable network is widely known as TWC; it is managed by the Road Runner webmail company. The Roadrunner email service is generally provided to the customers of Time Warner Cable Internet provider. The service provider has occupied both the market segment of personal and commercial. It can be used for both personal and business purposes by any user. Roadrunner email has lots of features that fulfils the need & purpose of any user for which one uses email. It is very simple and convenient to use by its customers. Today you will get the answer to your question – how do I contact Roadrunner live person.

Why Do I Contact Live Officials at Roadrunner?

  •   You don’t have proper settings for IMAP or POP
  •   You have entered the wrong set of login credentials 
  •   The server is not responding
  •   You have a poor internet connection
  •   You have an erroneous configuration server
  •   You have technical issues related to the SMTP server 
  •   You have an issue with the outgoing email connection of the server

While using it, someone may face any kind of challenges regarding technical issues during accessing account or operation related issues likely profile related information’s updating, forgetting user ID and password or any other errors. That time It becomes very significant to connect the live person of the service provider to sort out the issues. Here are few important ways through which one can contact the live person of the respective company and get assistance from them.

How can I contact the live officials at Roadrunner? 

  •   If anyone wants to contact Roadrunner live person can contact through email of service provider. Someone can write an email to the concerned department regarding any kind of issue and seek support from them.
  •   Another way to contact the live person of the company representative can contact through live chat support of the company site. They can do chat with the support team via the chat section. 
  •   If convenient and wants to talk to the live person of Roadrunner, one can contact through 24×7 helpline number. Users can call directly to the official helpline number and contact the live person for any technical assistance required.
  •   Through the social media platform, the user can chat with the support section of the service provider. The social media platform is one of the convenient ways to connect to the live person of the Company. The support team is very active on this portal to get feedback and provide assistance. 
  •   One can also get in contact with the technical assistance team of Service provider personnel through the callback option. By this option, a user can make a request to get a call back from the company officials and accordingly they call back within a precise time. 
  •   One user can also contact the live person of the respective company through the complaint support section available on the service provider’s website. They can make a complaint on the issue raised and request to talk with the company officials. 

Another answer to your question, how do I contact Roadrunner live person, is to get in touch with the company representative is through the visual support section of the website of the service provider. Through this section, the user of the company can write a request to chat with the representative of the company. The visual support section will transfer the chat with the respective department of the company officials, through which they can seek help from them and get rid of that particular problem. By the above-discussed methods, you will be able to contact the Roadrunner live person to resolve the issues, concerns. 

Various ways to Fix Suddenlink Email Login Issues

Suddenlink communication is a well-established cable connection in the United States. Its user gets an additional facility of email and webmail. Suddenlink’s email services are of two types one is for residential use and another is for official purposes. The residential link is whereas, the official link is This mail is very user-friendly and hassle-free to use but some handlers are facing email-related issues. Here are various ways to Fix Suddenlink Email Login Issues. These are some simple ways by which you can get rid of these login issues.

Recover the password with recovery email address 

Forgetting password is one of the major issues faced by subscribers of service providers which shows login errors. In this event, one should go to the email login home page and type the “username” and then click the bottom “forget password”. The browser will redirect to the next page where the service provider will ask for the account number or the recovery email address which the user has used at the time of registration. User may select the recovery mail option, then he/she needs to enter the recovery email address, and needs to answer some security questions which are being set at the time of account creation.

Answer to the seurity questions 

After successfully answering the questions, the service provider will send a mail to that recovery email address followed by a reset password link. The user needs to click that link and can reset the password.

Select the login option through account number and pin 

If any subscriber forgets the user ID of email which had been used during registration, that case user needs to select the login option through account number and pin which are available in printed form of the monthly bill issued by the service provider. User’s need to put the account number and pin and thus the user can log in to the mail account.

Check your internet connectivity 

Internet connectivity issue is also one of the major issues for login to one’s email account. Therefore, check twice the internet connections if can’t log in to the email.

Check your browser compatibility 

If one uses an incompatible browser for login to a Suddenlink account, it may also arise login trouble. When getting a login issue, change the browser and try again to log in which is compatible with the mentioned service provider. In addition to this, if one fails to log in email may switch off the device for a minute and again switched on and try to log in. When one login with a mobile, make sure that, the device with which try to log in has enough space. In that case, one may delete some unwanted application and data update the application which is used for login.

Check the server settings 

When one tries to log in to an email, check the configuration of the outgoing and incoming server of that particular device. For outgoing servers use 465 port (SSL) and the server name should (SMTP). After this configuration, the email will work properly. Through, all the above-discussed ways one can get rid of the problem related to the login to Suddenlink. If one can unable to do so then the subscriber of the service provider may call the customer care number of the company and seek help from the officials.