Why is My Brother Printer in Error State

What to do when the Brother printer screen pops up with ‘your printer is in error state ‘?
Well there can be several reasons for your printer acting in such a way!

  • Slow Internet connection
  • Improperly placed plugs or wires or USB’s
  • Corrupt printer driver
  • Incorrect connection between your printer and device will cause an brother printer in error state
  • Virus attack
  • For wireless connection, you have to diagnose whether router is working properly, for this Go to windows > control panel> printer and devices and check enter printer is wirelessly connected
  • Make sure your printer has sufficient ink and paper loaded in paper tray, also there shouldn’t be any paper James in the printer.
  • Utilize the power button to close down your Brother printer.
  • Restart your printer- Turn off the printer from the divider outlet. Wait for a while and fit it back in. Restart your printer. If this strategy doesn’t work, attempt it for another time, restarting both your PC just as your Brother printer.
  • Update your printer driver- Open the Control Panel, Choose Device Manager, Open the Print Queries folder, track down your printer on the rundown of printers and right-click on it Select “Update Driver” Select the choice to consequently look for refreshed driver programming You can likewise go to the Brother site to download the most recent driver for your printer.
  • You can solve errors by using windows troubleshooting tool- Snap the Start button, Select Settings, Select Update and Security Select Troubleshoot Select Additional Troubleshooters, Select the printer symbol Select “Run the investigator” At the point when the troubleshooting is done restart your PC and printer.
  • Another method is reset your printer to factory default settings- Open the printer cover so the ink or toner cartridges are visible. Turn the printer off and afterward turn it once again. Press the “Go” button on the printer multiple times.

These methods may help to resolve your Brother printer error state.

Why Is My Zebra Printer Not Printing

How to resolve the issue of the Zebra Printer not printing?

Zebra printers are the multiple sizes and configurations of printers which is available for the users and are among the widely used printers all across the globe. They are available in all sizes and ranges which is completely pocket-friendly for the users. At any point, if you are facing an issue with the Zebra printer then there can be many reasons like print head contains debris or the label is preventing the heat transfer, wrong media in a Direct thermal application, the ribbon and media do not match properly, the wrong side of the ribbon is inked and many more can be resolved wither by contacting the technician or on your own.

Here we have mentioned some of the troubleshoot points which you can perform on your own if your Zebra printer not printing

  1. Try resolving the issue with the basic troubleshooting as it is easy and requires less time and effort for resolving the issue, firstly check for the cables, whether they are properly plugged or not, try to plug them directly into the socket instead of connecting them through extension cords.
  2. Now check that the network cable is firmly plugged in the computer as well as the printer and can be checked if the lights are blinking means the active network connection.
  3. Now if the lights on the printer are not showing ON, unplug the cables and plug it back in after a few moments, and check whether the printer starts working or not after pressing the power button
  4. You also have to make sure that there is enough paper in the tray and also check if any paper is jammed or not
  5. Also check for the level of ink
  6. At any point if the printer has stopped automatically check if any paper is jammed or not, stop all other jobs in the queue
  7. Make Zebra the default printer as sometimes the printer only takes command for the default printer
  8. Make sure your printer all the drivers are update

By following the steps mentioned above you can easily get rid of the issue of the Zebra Printer not working, but if the printer still showing the error then

How to Recover old Google Account?

We as a whole fail to remember passwords some of the time, you can in any case to some degree access your Google account. It lead to Google’s Account Recovery apparatus regardless of whether you realize the Gmail address related with the record, yet that will make it considerably trickier for you to recover your account.

Recover old Google Account

Open Gmail>find your email box>Enter your phone number or your name, and Google will shoot an instant message to that number to confirm that it you. This doesn’t help for your situation, however, since you don’t approach that old number. Also, in the event that you recalled your recovery email, it’s a similar process; Google would shoot a confirmation message to that, and you would start the recovery process that way.

If start by entering your email address (since you no longer have access to your phone number)

You’ll need to enter your name, which ought to be sufficiently simple, and afterward you’ll enter your email address (that you can check from Yahoo). You’ll get a check code that you’ll then, at that point, need to type into the record recuperation process, similarly as in the past.

If you don’t know either then you can tap to ‘try another way’ and Google will then ask questions relating to information whatever you have ever shared with your account, like last entered phone number or date of creating Google account.

Hope this will help you to recover your old Google account.


How to Import Contacts to Gmail

If you are searching the simple procedure on How to import contacts to Gmail? So, if you are also looking for the same answer to the question Importing contacts app to Google Gmail account? Then you should not worry. It is very easy to import or transfer your contacts to your Gmail account. This means you can use your email clients like Outlook contacts in your Gmail account, export them from Outlook, and then import them into your Google Gmail account. Once the contacts are loaded into a Gmail account, then you can simply synchronize Gmail with your mobile device (Android app).

Therefore, all web-based email services and email clients can export contacts to a CSV file format. As this format is the simplest and utmost suitable. Thus, in this guide, you will learn the basic simple steps How to import contacts to Gmail.

Steps to Import Contacts To Gmail

  • First of all, sign in to your Google account by using your account logins credentials such as your email (or phone number) and password (that you have entered the last time)
  • Then tap on the button “Google apps” button located in the upper-right corner of the screen, nearly the options account as it small profile picture
  • After that, you will need to tap on the icon for the “Contacts” app.
  • Scroll down to the section “Manage contacts” and then tap on the “Import” option.
  • Then just select “Select file” and then select the location where the CSV document or vCard file (.vcf) with the contacts to be imported into Google Gmail Contacts has been saved.
  • Once a file has been selected, then an “Import” option will seem, so pick this option to import the new Gmail contacts.
  • Congratulations!! Now you have successfully imported your contacts app to your Gmail account.
  • This is all about How to import contacts to Gmail account, simply within a few minutes.


How to select all Emails in Gmail?

It is not a difficult task for Gmail users to select emails in Gmail; neither the process requires a set of technical skills. We have divided the process and mentioned it in this write-up today. While performing a search, you can narrow your search by defining what aspects of emails you want to be considered. You can use labels or categories for performing your search. You can select the drop-down arrow to open options for more refined searches by field. However, you need to use the web for selecting emails in your Gmail because selecting emails on mobile or tablet is difficult. Let’s check out the steps and learn how to select all emails in Gmail here!

  • Open Gmail on your web browser
  • Click on Gmail and enter your login credentials
  • Go to the left pane of the page and click the Inbox folder
  • Go to the top of your email messages list
  • Then you need to click the main Select button
  • It will help you choose all the messages that are currently displayed
  • Choose the types of emails to be selected
  • You can go for the options such as None, All, Read, Unread, Starred, or Unstarred
  • To select all email messages, click Select all conversations

There are a lot of actions you can take after selecting the emails. You can mark all selected emails as spam and move them to your spam folder by clicking on the Report spam option. Many other things are there that can be done. You can also remove emails from your Inbox by selecting the Archive option, delete selected emails and send those to your Trash folder by selecting the Delete option (These emails will be automatically deleted after 30 days), or add labels to your email messages, such as Work, Social, and Later by selecting the Label icon. You may still ask what I can do with the emails after how to select all emails in Gmail. If you are not satisfied with the set of information provided through this page, please talk to the customer care officials.



How to Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WIFI?

The Brother MFC L2700DW printer is one of the most popular all-in-one machines which has the capability to perform several useful tasks such as Print, Copy, and scanning. Also, it features wireless connectivity which lets you print documents from your mobile devices, PC, tablets anywhere at home or office. However, many people don’t know How to Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WIFI.

Therefore, here is mentioned the simple procedure to connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WIFI.

Quickly Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WIFI:

Before, note a presented wireless network and the name of the network (SSID) & Network key means Password/Security key.

Step 1: Turn ON Printer

First, connect your brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to a power socket via a power cord.

Step 2: Select Network

Go to the control panel, then open the menu section, select a ‘Network’ and tap on the ‘OK’ button.

Step 3: Choose the WLAN Option

Press the up/down arrow keys to choose ‘WLAN’ option and click ‘OK’ key. Enter into the WLAN menu by clicking the ‘OK button.

Step 4: Choose Setup Wizard

Press the up/down arrow keys to select the Setup Wizard option, and hit the ‘OK’ key.

Step 5: Choose the WLAN Option

Next, a pop will appear to ask ‘WLAN Enable?’. Then choose ‘Yes’ option to start the wireless setup wizard.

Step 7: Choose Network Name

Then choose a presented Network Names in your range. Then press the up or down arrow keys to recognize your network and click ‘OK’ key.

Step 8: Enter the Network Key 

Then enable connection to the wireless router/access point. Then, enter the corresponding password which you saved earlier

Step 9: Verify Connection to Wireless Network

Finally, when it is connected successfully, a new screen will says “Connected”, and also the WIFI button will flash green, at the left of the LCD display screen.

Hence, now you well understand How to Connect Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer to WIFI.


Canon Printer Not Printing Color?

There can be many reasons due to which Canon Printer not printing colors and some of the reasons are Faulty printer driver running in the system, Low or empty ink cartridges, Paper jamming, Inappropriate installation of printer firmware, Canon Printer Setup errors, Compatibility issues, Due to the dusty and faulty printer head, Using duplicate ink for printing, Low paper loaded in the printer tray, wireless connectivity issue and many more and all such issues can only be resolved by the proper and the accurate guidance of the dedicated professionals who are always available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your service to offer you most reliable solution of every query.

Why is Canon Printer not Printing Color Correctly?

At any point, if you are stuck with Canon Printer not printing color papers issues then without wasting time going through the steps mentioned below to get the instant solution of your query:-

  1. Thoroughly check for the Check Your Ink Cartridge- for checking this follow the steps below
  • First of all, you need to open the front door of your printer machine and then, take the cartridge out very carefully.
  • Now check for the ink level and then replace any empty cartridge with the proper ink.
  • After that, adjust the printer cartridge to its original position and then print a test page to check whether you obtain quality printouts or yet not.
  1. Update the Printer driver if the driver gets outdated, improperly installed, or faulty, as any of these issues causes Printer Not Printing Color, thus update the latest version as per your model.
  2. Always check for Color Printer settings, and this can be check by First click on the “Start” button on your computer and then, open the “Settings” tab, Now, click on the “Printers and Scanner” option, and after, choose your Canon printer from the available shown lists of the printer, now you have to click on the “Properties” tab and then, check whether you have enabled the color printing option or not. If it is not, make it enable first, and last but not least start print a test page
  3. Try to Restart your Printer as if there is some temporary technical issue is there, it can easily be resolved by restarting the Printer again.

By using the above steps, if you are still facing the issues, then connect with the super knowledgeable and professional Canon Printer Not Printing Color specially designed team who are a group of dedicated professionals available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your service to offer you most guaranteed, solid, swift and authentic services of all the time.


How Do I Get My Printer To Work Again?

5 ways to troubleshoot if the printer won’t print

It is frustrating if the printing machine gives a negative reply after getting a print command. Don’t worry! It is a matter of knowledge only. Ensure You Have the Right Printer if you are facing difficulties in printing the documents. There are situations when a user gives a print command and get a message – the printer is unable to print. Are you a victim of the same issue? If the answer is yes, you first need to check whether the right printer is connected. However, this is not the final solution in this regard. We are sharing a set of reliable solutions to this problem – how do i get my printer to work again?

Is there a paper jam issue?

Check the paper tray if you are facing any trouble with your printer! Paper jam issue is considered as one of the most frequent issues faced by the users. Please check whether the paper is kept properly in a tray or not. If not, then fix the issue and check the printer is working or not.

Is there any hardware problem in the printer?

Your printer will not give you a proper result if there is any hardware issue in it. Hence, you are suggested to check the hardware settings of the printer. If there is any defect, please replace that part immediately.

Is your printer driver updated?

Updating the printer driver is another great way of resolving this issue. Your printer may not print if you have not updated the driver for a long time. Check the printer driver version and update it immediately! This is a genuine answer to your question, how do i get my printer to work again.

Clean the printer queue

Print queue often insists a printer in printing documents. If you have given so many instructions and those have jammed up inside the printer, you need to clean the queue to function the printer properly.

Does your printing machine have a proper connection?

A printer connection is another great reason behind the printer’s performance. If your printer is making any trouble, we request you to check the connection issue. If the printer is connected with Wi-Fi then make sure that the printer gets the proper network. 


How to fix Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Canon printer is not working or not printing properly, which are very important tools for any workplace or any personal uses. It is a very exasperating situation when someone needs to print an important document on an urgent basis and the printer is not working. These are some common reasons behind the issue you have been facing. Hence, we will move towards the troubleshooting techniques then.

  • Paper jam in the printer
  • Faded or printer printing very light
  • The printer not printing correctly
  • The printer gives no paper alert

If you are also facing the same problem and looking forward to the answer to the question of how to troubleshooting Canon printersthen you are at the right place. The first thing we would like to suggest is to visit the computer’s control panel and click on the option “Printers and Faxes”. Then you need to follow the on-screen instructions to locate the printer. Here we will narrate some simple troubleshooting methods for making the canon printer work again.

  • Reset the printer setting for resolving the not working issues.
  • Check the network connectivity, if the Canon printer is not working properly.
  • Check the control panel of the system if the printer is not in the list, then the ‘Add Printer’ option and follow the on-screen instructions to add the printer.
  • Update the device driver software or the user also can reinstall the same which can resolve the problem.

If any user follows and goes through all the above troubleshooting methods, although the printer is still not working, the user can contact the canon customer support team for further queries and also request technical support to get rid of the problem.


How to Reset Canon Printer

The Japanese printer Canon produces the product like lenses, cameras, medical equipment, scanners, printers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which are having high demand worldwide. The canon products are highly appreciable because it is having a high definition of lenses which provides the best ever lenses memory to the user.

Since every product needs assistance, this Canon Printers too, as sometimes the issues related to the no ink in the pot, print stuck all the time. The printer not scanning properly and many such issues can only be resolved by the proper guidance and support of the Canon Printer technical support team.

Resetting Canon Printer can be pretty easy by simply following some of the quick steps mentioned


  1. First of all you need to click on Set up in your Canon Printer
  2. Now you have to press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Device settings
  3. And afterward press OK.
  4. Again press the arrow buttons until you navigate to the Reset setting and then press OK.
  5. Again navigate to Reset all by press the arrow button and then press OK.
  6. Afterward Select Yes
  7. Your device is now reset using the Factory reset option

You can now easily reset the Canon Printer using the most simple steps mentioned above and in any case if unable to do you then never ever get hesitate to get connected with the most professional and knowledgeable professionals who provides you the best technical support of all the time by resolving your issues in a stipulated period of time and providing you solution all instant without any trouble.

Using a canon printer and facing issues with it. Is normal. By resetting your canon printer can solve your issues.

Ways you can look forward for resting canon printer can be –

First you need to check the printer ink. Inkjet printers need to get refilled. An ink cartridge printer needs to get its cartridge changed. So you can do it according to the printer model.

You can even check the power button. By turning off the canon printer and removing its cable from power and replugging it, might fix the issue.

Hard reset process is another way to reset your device. Hard reset deletes all the data and work performed on the printer even through printer memory.

For hard reset

  • Press the control panel button
  • A menu of resetting will be shown
  • Select soft reset by pressing left and right arrow keys and keep pressing ok until you see the hard reset key and then leave it.

Another way you can try to reset is Canon printer factory reset. Factory reset means to completely restore your device. For this you need to follow a few steps.

  1. Press the setup button
  2. Press the arrow key and tap on it till you see the ‘device settings’ option and press ok
  3. Now in reset settings with the help of arrow key,
  4. Press down to ‘reset all’ and press ok
  5. It will ask you to reset all choose the option ‘yes’
  6. Press ok, resetting of your device is completed